I do...I do!

So please play this little game with me. Post a question below and I will answer the first 20 questions. They can be about anything: the Mama, the Mess, the Papa, the Babes.

I'll start off by listing 20 things about me you may or may not know:

1. i can't stand wet bread

2. placed 3rd in a life sciences competition when i was 14 due to a project about centrifugal force...total nerd i know

3. my body, when sleeping must be covered with all blankets toe to bottom of chin or i get really scared

4. hair colours: pink, black, purple, orange, blonde, brunette, does shaved count?

5. pierced my tongue a total of 8 times

6. if i see a pimple, tick, cut or other grossness i just want to get in there and be part of it...yucky

7. i wrote a book, non-published, about a girl making it as a fashion editor. each morning when out of work i walked to the closest Starbuck's and would just sit and write

8. as 80s children, my sis and i spent hours creating mixed tapes, pretending we were djs. she always mastered the dance moves

9. speaking of dance moves...my friend judy and little sis are the ones who taught me to dance...although i always wanted to be a ballerina

10. fave actor is a toss between tom hanks and nicholas cage (both are pretty genius)

11. fave actress...ava gardner

12. i used to have an obsession with infomercials

13. been in 2 car accidents, both of which i was the cause, for failing to yield. both were the same accident, in the same intersection, within a month of each other. my mom subsequently took the keys away from me

14. i still have my license, never lost it, but i have not driven really for the past 3 1/2 years...or as long as the Papa purchased a diesel volkswagon that needed to start with a button and died on several occasions

15. me and the Papa were actually never going to get married....only until he saw his sis get married and see how happy she was that we decided to take the great leap

16. i throw better than most boys...i think it is partly due to the fact that my dad wanted us to be boys and didn't let up on the pitches. hence, i am also really competitive, athletically speaking

17. in grade 7 i tried out for every team and only made track and basketball. next year i made every team and was named athlete of the year...moral: don't give up on yourself

18. i secretly wish i was living in the era where Oscar Wilde and I could sit down to tea

19. as i believe all people should, i embrace all cultures and people. as a canadian girl but also going to school with people of so many different races, i love everyone. colour doesn't reflect the inside colour of human.

20. that being said, i cry at small and large injustices. pixar movies make me cry. sadness that anyone experiences really makes me hurt. i want everyone to be happy and everyone to be loved.

BONUS: i really can't stand when i read a published book, article, whatever and acknowledgment and judgment are spelled incorrectly

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