Butterfly Babes and Beating the Heat Wave


26 Week Baby Bump and Heat Wave...Blah

Okay we're in the 26th week now of this pregnancy, the Littlest Babe and I.  I do realize I am a bit of a complainer when not pregnant.  But I really try to withhold when going through these physical changes that I know are inevitable.  That being said, I personally find it difficult.

Firstly, I have two amazing Babes but when trying to gather them together to leave an activity or to even chase after them to ensure their safety, I physically cannot do it.  A 4 year old is much faster than a waddling Mama.  It tires me out.  Some women struggle with their changing bodies.  This Mama struggles with the fact that I am athletic and love being fit.  To be immobile most of the day because of throbbing legs and lethargy is really upsetting to me.  I would honestly love nothing more than to go for an hour and a half jog or lift weights, but my body isn't allowing me that.

This pregnancy has left me feeling sedentary.  It really plagues me because I thrive on activity for happiness and health.  I consider the word "diet" a bad word in my house (and I truly cringe inside when I hear people talking about their bodies or some fad diet) and choose not to talk about my body concerns in front of my Babes because they are so impressionable and my self-image could directly affect their own.  I am not concerned about the weight but the physicality accompanied with excess weight.

Secondly, I have chronic headaches, bleeding gums, and a left leg that I am unable to stand on for too long.

I try to stay positive always but I am not a blissfully pregnant lady smiling while rubbing my belly.

Lately, an overwhelming desire to protect my babes has left me on the defensive.  My Mama Roar has taken over.

Here is to better days and my hope to beat the summer heat wave.


The Mama

Our Father's Day


The Paper Mama "Yellow" Photo Challenge

Here is my submission for The Paper Mama's "Yellow" Photo Challenge.  I had about 6 photos to choose from but this ultimately my fave of the Papa and the Littlest Babe. What do y'all think?
The Paper Mama Photo Challenge


Orchid Conservation and My Faeries

25 Week Baby Bump

Almost in my third trimester of the pregnancy!  I am soo excited to see the end.  Unfortunately I am not a blissfully pregnant Mama.  My body and mind goes through a lot of torment while pregnant.  Two days ago I was woken in the middle of the early hours to spend most of the night with intense cramping and verge of vomiting.  The heat did me right in.  I could not bring myself to eat even though my body is so great at telling me when my blood sugar is low.  I just couldn't do it.


Being in my third pregnancy I have come to the conclusion that my mind is completely altered while under the babe influence.  My normal day to day eating habits sans bebe are obsessively nutritional.  Fried foods are out.  See you later chips.  Processed foods are equally as yucky and avoided.  Animals?  Are you kidding?  Dairy...no way.  But this pregnancy has been full of those evenings when I ask the Papa for a junk food run.  He obliges.  I am heavily influenced by the advertising - think Kraft Dinner and Skittles. (And who said the Bullet Model was disproven?)  Suddenly though all I want to nosh on is frozen fruit, fresh fruit, salads, VEGAN!  I am submitting.


Of getting things ready for Babe!  Here is a little list:

*  Baby Shower (French Bistro theme)
*  Dolls for each girl and headbands
*  Daybed for me to sleep on with the New Babe and to be close to the other Babes
*  Theme solidification for the room
*  Organization of Clothes
*  Car Seat purchase
*  Nursing Bras (we'll just wait)


My anxiety and fears about being a mom for the third time didn't seep into my everyday life with the girls.  I feel really protective of my belly lately and have been getting really annoyed with people's comments and stupidity.  It lingers the majority of the day and I find little things build and anger me.  I am a stay at home mama with a double wide stroller who is pregnant and trying to maintain sanity.  GET OUT OF MY WAY!  Oh yeah!  And I have tattoos which are not an indicator of bad parenting.


A Paris Wife and Jane Austen Book Club.


In my Sketchbook 2013.  Have you guys heard about this?  Well, I sent away to be part of a traveling and permanent Art Project.  It is part of my 29 before 30 list.  I have decided to sketch portraits of my fave bloggers.  I started with Katie:  cute little red head homeschooling mama and crafter at Skunkboy Creatures.  The images are about 4 inches long that I am drawing.  Hope you like.