My What Big Hand You Are Sitting In

Cupcake Camp - Ottawa 2009

Well, after I spent the morning in Emerg I thought what better way for a pick - me - up than CUPCAKES!!!!  I noticed on Facebook (good ol' ) that two of my friends had been invited to Cupcake Camp.  So I decided that what better way for the fam to spend a Sunday afternoon than eating cupcakes.  The event was held at the Jack Purcell Centre from 2-5 PM.  We arrived at around 2 and the line was incredibly long but we did get in.  Over 3000 cupcakes were baked and tasted.  Can you believe that?!  I indulged in a Vegan Delight, the mini cupcakes photographed above and a delicious white cupcake with pink frosting.  Charlotte later got to sample the delights via breastmilk.  We only stayed for 3 rounds (there was a round every fifteen minutes totaling 10).  And as we left the line had become even bigger.  It trailed around the majority of the top floor, down the stairs, part of the main floor and out the main entrance (there must have been at least 250 people in line).  DELICIOUS!

A Morning at Bruce Pitt

Bruce Pitt is a dreamland for pups.  Dogs are allowed to run wild through the forest and on trails.  Needless to say, Alley loves it.  But Charlotte loved it as well because she could watch all the different breeds whiz by her and greet her.  When at one time she would have fallen fast asleep in the Chariot on a lengthy walk, she was wide awake for this one and also wide awake the whole way home.


Charlotte's New Playpen (?)

So the exersaucer is a bit too small for her right now as her legs are really long. But she does love to still sit in it, play with the various toggles, buttons, and spinny balls and yell at me from across the room.  One day, I could not find a place to put her in the kitchen.  She usually stays in a bouncy chair, but that is out the door soon as it no longer bounces.  Charlotte is a heavy one and it pretty much drags on the floor.  So as I was putting in a load of laundry, I kind of threw her in the basket. AND IT WORKED! 

 The brown one is the medium version.  We do have a larger white version.  Both retail for approximately $5.99 or less.  GET YOURS TODAY!

NOTE: Grandma and Grandpa G brought over a playpen that they had got for the little one.  She uses that now. 

Charlotte Loves to Craft

First it was Spins and Needles event and now Charlotte has taken to mending bicycle messenger shorts for her Dada.  We have so many arts and crafts planned and I cannot wait to play with her, letting her creativity and imagination run wild.


Costume Party on the Bed

First Time Swimming

Our first time swimming but not the last. We headed to Deborah Ann Kirwan (?) Pool, formerly Clifford Bowey, for an afternoon dip. It was an awesome pool: quiet, family oriented, warm. At first, Charlotte was a bit confused.  She had never been in so much water and the echoes from the yelling children didn't help.  However, she settled in and got pruny quickly.  As you can tell from the photo - she crashed right after in the car.

Prenatal Class Reunion with Emil Reuben Koltai, Grace, and Ava

Erin, the sweet and wonderful mommy she is, invited the ladies of our prenatal class over for a little tea and sweets.  Just when I realized I had my camera, Tara (mom) and Grace (daughter) and Susan (Mom) and Ava (daughter) had left.  But Erin and I had a little photoshoot with our two.  As noted on ottawalivin.blogspot.com these two kind of look like siblings.  What do you think?


Experimental Farm with Daddy

While Mommy went out to brunch with some friends she has known for almost 14 years now, Daddy took Charlotte to the Experimental Farm.  Charlotte met a calf named Cosmos that nipped at her finger and made her cry.  They had a great time and definitely would love to do it again.


Three Generations of Grier Beauties

My What Big Feet You Have

Just Me and My Mom

The Museum of Nature - Part Deux


The Museum of Nature