Today the wind is furiously blowing, the streets are calm and snow is covering the icy ground. The Babes play and will soon sit down to a quiet lesson and a reading for the day. The Mama works on heating the kettle to embrace the green tea that she so utterly desires, while leek and beans boil on the stove working towards transforming into a soup that will mend our souls and warm our insides. It is a day of rest and cozy.

So for today's outfit I am wearing that which reflects the need to embrace the season that is upon us.

scarf & shirt = $ 0 (clothing swap find)
pants = $15 (lulus.com find)
sally ann slippers = $3
knitted hat = a gift from a generous mum
sweater = a sneaky raid of a sister's closet

TOTAL COST = $18 (plus a cup of green tea and hugs)

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