In one week exactly, we move into our first home.  It has been quite an interesting process to say the least.  I had planned to write in detail about how the entire process works but Savannah Wallace from Maiedae captured beautifully and efficiently the process here.  

So instead I will just write about our individual process.  

Before we were even pregnant with our Eldest Babe, we went looking for the dream home.  On a country ride, we believed we found the perfect spot.  An old one room schoolhouse on an acreage.  We would renovate the inside and convert an outbuilding into an art studio for me.  We would keep bees and create our own garden with hopes of eventually living off the land.  They were big dreams but nonetheless they were ours.  And we held on to them.  

We were young, lofty, but never naive.  We were always humbled by heritage and the prospect of living with nature.  

The years went on and we continued looking and dreaming.  Weekends at the cottage were spent doing crosswords and perusing the Homes Section.  Some of those weekends took us on short roadtrips to check out land. Our income was minimal so the idea of building our future home entered our minds.  Sketch books began to fill with clippings that would make any pinterester jealous.  

Somewhere along the way, events happened which shifted our focus from searching or thinking about building.  It even became a point of contention.  Realizing that financially, owning a home didn't seem viable, I would get upset when I would see the Papa on the mls just searching.  I thought he didn't feel satisfied in the "home" we has created and that he was teasing with what could be but wasn't.  We agreed to stop looking and torturing ourselves.  But we couldn't.  

Finally, this year things started to financially come together.  We hadn't accrued debt, our credit looked amazing and we had enough savings to put the mandatory 5% down payments required by CMHC.  We tried our luck with a lender and we were pre-approved, for more than we were expecting.

It was great to finally have a concrete number to work with.  A value was placed on our head, in a way that made us jump for joy.  It was a modest amount, but I love modesty!!!

(Going to interject for a moment here on why buying a house was important to me because obviously owning a house doesn't make it a home.  And renting is fine too...look at the majority of Europe. But to me a house represents safety.  Although I had a childhood home, it was a frightening place.  Renting has always made me felt hostage to the demands of others and the possibility of having our residents taken away by a landlord or circumstance always lingered.  So for me, buying a house turning it into our home gives me so much comfort.)

We went to a house in town that my friend had told me about coming onto the market.  It was the first house we looked at.  I fell in love.  But the agent was sketchy.  He gave us a terrible vibe.  He was wanting to represent us as well as the seller.  (Buyer beware:  please when looking for an agent look for one that deals only with buyers to avoid scum and conflict of interest).

It was at the second house we looked at, that was a little underwhelming, thanks to the HD manipulated photos, where we met our amazing agent.  She was personable, and definitely working on our behalf.  She had lost her husband years before and was concerned about the potential to resell any property we found, as we are a small one income family.

Our agent spent a month and a half taking us to showings, booking viewings, meeting here and there.  We thought we were going to be looking endlessly.  And then we viewed the house I fell in love with initially again, because it was still on the market and put an offer on it.  This time we countered and a deal was met.  (This was a whirlwind as you are given time constraints to reach the deal and you and your partner go back and forth trying to figure out numbers.)

Then the fun began, which Savannah described in her post and we will own a house.  

There is more to come regarding our move so please stay tuned!

(The image of the house was provided by rebekka seale)



As most of you know, we recently lost our second Mac book.  It was a great loss (boo hoo hoo) and
comes at a time when soon we will be transferring the majority of our financial assets into the home we are to purchase, hence when the funds will take a quick dive.  The Papa and I have taken to really enjoying our evenings watching Netflix on our two mini computers (our Iphones).  It is quite pathetic and yes...we have become those people whom I detest.  You know the ones who got out to dinner and instead of talking to each other are busy working on their phones instead.  Okay, we really haven't gone that far yet, but we may be teetering on the brink of relationship disaster.  (Insert dramatic tone here).  Okay, exaggeration.  We are rock solid.  But I need my computer!!  You see.  Working on a computer for me has so many benefits which I enjoy.  It allows me to type my crazy thoughts really fast.  Hence, I can complete my reflection time quickly.  And having three babes, an impending move to worry about and maintaining my sanity, it really helps.  I also love my computer for it allows me to research potential homeschooling resources for the girls and possible future schools for me (thinking about heading back to school ;).  It also allows me to do my art.  I love portraiture and I require a screen to serve as reference when people send me images.  We don't have a working printer so drawing from the computer is what suffices at present.  I hope on working on art more than ever once we move.

The Papa and I will be getting a computer.  We have decided that we want a Mac desktop deally-oh.  It will serve some amazing functions that will benefit my blogging, my art and our family.  Having it at a stationary place allows us to go to it rather than us carry it around with us.  We will have to think about what we will be using it for instead of searching mindlessly and aimlessly.  The large screen will allow me to see my artwork and work on my art better.  Blogging at a desk will be amazing for my posture, which will make my good ol' friend Christine proud.  So not sure when it will happen.  But it is happening. There is also a store in Ottawa that can take our murdered computers and we can use the parts to put towards a new computer.  So maybe we will in fact save some money;)

In the meantime, I have taken to blogging here at my fave place in the entire world, next to any space my family occupies.  I must sign up for a computer in an hour time slot.  It is the perfect getaway.  I can write in peace and comfortably.  Mind you I need to make it to the library and find an open computer.  But we live in a small town so it isn't that hard.  The downside, I can't upload any of my pics to the posts.  So for the next little while, I will use my Blog on the Go App and upload some instagram photos to that.

At present the Papa is with the Babes watching boat races so I will leave you with some thoughts:

image courtesy of kellimurray.com/blog

Reading.  The Eldest Babe is being tutored at the library.  She goes each day for two weeks.  We decided it would be great for her to have some different teachers before going in a year to an earth school whilst being homeschooled.  She absolutely loves it.  Although, hesitant at first, she is dying to go each day.  The Biggest Little Babe loves it as well.  They both have a different experience and tell each other about it.

Eating.  Vegan baby!  I am so committed to veganism this time around.  I think it may have helped that instagram has a lot of vegans taking photos of amazing food and the fact that I have been working out a lot and respecting my body.

Thinking about.  The impending move.  My art.  Getting in shape.  The end of summer.  Educating the babes.  The Littlest's first birthday coming up.  I've got a lot in this little old brain of mine.

Dreaming about.  Decorating this new space that will be mine.  I definitely have been pinteresting for a while about Our Future Home.  I think we are going to settle first, but I really want white walls everywhere.  I would prefer I rustic and whimsical theme.  I would love my house to look like Kelli Murray's.  Let's see!

Loving. Kelli Murray's new blog.  She is my style icon (I think she may be for a lot of us).  She has changed the blog up and I love it.  Being at the library is actually the first time I get to view it in full because I could only view it on my phone.  It is amazing.  Her style is what I would love our new house to look like.

Understanding.  My style finally.  I am nerdy and love black.  I am not vintage amazing.   I am Gwen Stefani.  I am always drawn to the black and the nerdy.  The California beanie style gets me.

Until the next post!!!

The above image is of Moorea Seal's new shop items.  Isn't it the perfect feel for a new house.  I think so!



This weekend the Papa and I headed to Osheaga Music Festival in Montreal.  The trip had been planned as a birthday present for the Papa.  We had fallen in love with Mumford and Sons.  They were a headlining show.  We had to go.  

The Babes were initially going to all come.  The daunting task of trucking them around the metro and the festival didn't even register.  But when the g-units offered to take the Eldest ones I jumped at the offer.  I have had many years to relish in my Babes.  There will be so many more.  But after a year without vacation, the exhaustion and sleep deprivation that comes with raising three amazing, spirited babes, I think I am in an emotional place to leave my babes without anguish or despair.  I truly believe that the Papa and I deserve it.  And quite frankly, although I plan on homeschooling my babes concurrently with their education at a more natural school, the desire to fulfill my heart and desires has been occupying a lot of my thoughts (but I will explain that at another time).

The Eldest babe is my most sensitive babe.  She gets anxious easily.  She doesn't do well with sudden change.  As the day approached, we made little mention of our leaving.  The morning of their departure the Papa and they packed their little suitcases (soup cases as the Biggest/Little says).  The excitement of a journey eased the transition.  For all of us, it was the first time we weren't sharing an experience. The fact that we each were going to be embarking on our own adventures that we could talk about later (oh and the prospect of Hello Kitty gifts from China town) sweetened the deal.

The Papa and I, along with the Littlest, had the best weekend ever as a couple.   We didn't stop moving.  Metro, festival, tours of the Notre Dame cathedral, vegan eats at Bonny's.  We packed a lot in.  When the weekend ended however, we were craving our Babes.  The g-units offered to feed them dinner and being them home but the realization of not seeing them the entire weekend dawned on us and we drove an hour out of our way to see their little faces.  I'm glad we did....

They had an epic time.  When they saw us they immediately ran.  The Eldest Babe had presented me with a bag full of literally 30 drawings, her best yet, as a gift.  There were hugs, love, kisses and an appreciation for each other.  It was amazing.

And while I am not sure how other mamas feel leaving their babes, our voyages of independence truly did bring us closer and help us grow.  It was lovely and I wouldn't mind making it a yearly tradition.