The Mess

This blog began to chronicle the happenings of one Charlotte Harlow Laine....a vegan baby born to bike messenger daddy and fashionista mama.  However, our little family has grown to include one Harriet Audrey Mai and one Violet Dahlia Mayfair.  This blog now follows the happenings of all members of this little family. 

The Mess in the title reflects a lot.  Firstly, this is a journey that I signed up for but one that I knew nothing about.  For The Mama, each day is a baby step towards figuring out motherhood.  Thing is just when you think you have figured it out, a diaper fills with crap or in some case a baby just fully craps on you when you are at a lovely family get together.

The Mess also reflects all literal mess making, of which I am still dealing with this as I write this page.  But somewhere between the endless laundry, baby food puree-ing, hitting, kicking, screaming and oh, yes!  the hugs, there is a mess in The Mama's mind.

I hope to use the blog as a means to document that which is so special in The Mess, what I hope to be special in The Babes's lives and to lend a helping hand to other mamas who are trying to figure out everything in the beautiful chaos.


The Mama