* Placing a long shirt or skirt over tights is fave of mine. Double the warmth in this Canadian weather too.
* Winter is the perfect time for me to cover my messy locks with a knitted black hat that my mother knitted for me our first winter after we returned from Aussieland.
* The vintage glasses were purchased off of etsy several years ago. I like them, but I really only wear them because the littlest babe decided to snap my others in half.
* The red plaid adds a little hipster that everyone should embrace. salvation army find.
* American Apparel tights zip at the side. clothing swap find.
* Shoes American Apparel brand given to me by my sis.

TOTAL COST (minus glasses at $40 CAD): $5



"Um...my rubber boots protect me from mud and you know....chemicals...stuff like that."


Eldest Babe:
"You go on the top and I go on the bottom"

Littlest Babe:

Eldest Babe:
"Because that's the way some children are."

The eldest babe trying to explain to the littlest babe why she must go at the bottom of the cupboard they were hiding in.



I know it is a little early but this is our Christmas card for this year. I think it is cute. What about you?



In honour of my sis Eleanor, I am posting her famous Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe.
We were fortunate to taste these MoFos on Thanksgiving. They are absolutely chewy. Sweet but not overwhelming. The ultimate comfort food.

We also had the opportunity to have our photos of the weekend taken by her hubby, our bro, John D at Praxis Photography. The flickr stream of all his amazing photojournalism, wedding, portrait and life photos can be viewed here. Our wedding is there too.

Here are a few photos from the weekend:

Me and my youngest babe

My Youngest Babe

The Infamous El, partner to John D., Mom to Saoirse and Eabha, co-owner ofpraxisphotography

Our entire fam minus John D., he's behind the camera


3/4 cup of oil
2 cups brown sugar
2 tsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp plus 1 tsp of flaw meal
1/2 cup of soy milk

2 cups of whole wheat pastry flour
3/4 cup of cocoa powder
1 tsp of baking soda
1/2 tsp of salt
1 cup of chocolate chips

1. In a small dish mix the milk with the flax.
2. In a large bowl, cream together the sugar and oil. Add the flax mix and vanilla.
3. Mix dry ingredients in medium bowl.
4. Fold the dry into wet in batches
5. Mix the chips in with your hands
6. Roll them into cookie-sized balls and press gently with a fork onto oiled cookie sheet.
They grow outwards not upwards.
7. Cook for 9-10 minutes on 350.



A little over a year ago we left the big city of Montreal to come live in a small town. The g-units were our go to peeps in finding an apartment as it was difficult to look at properties while the Papa worked and we lived 4 hours away. They happened upon an apartment that was being rented by an amazing midwife and a partner who was studying carpentry at the college the Papa was to be studying at. They had a young daughter about the Eldest Babe's age. The apartment was filled with all things we loved: wooden toys, simple design, high ceilings and an exposed brick wall that we didn't find in MTL. They downplayed the apartment thinking that they were injecting too much of themselves into it. But they sent us the images via email and we literally raced to view the apartment and finally rent it.

Funny thing is...that midwife turned out to be one of my fave midwives and the woman who birthed my daughter. Reminds us that Ottawa / Canada is actually really small. Now we are trying to infuse a little bit of ourselves into the apartment which I always find a bit difficult because:

a) I am not a designer and love everything symmetrical
b) Hard to think about getting settled when all we desire is a house
c) we never really think it is "ours" to change

But now we are embracing it and the Papa, the other day, strung these lights in the window. They are mainly for Christmas but I like the mood lighting.

What do you think?


Littlest Babe:
"Nice Firework"
"Lucky us"
"Firework happy"

Eldest Babe:
"Flash - BOOM! I like fireworks because they make me happy!"

Words spoken while watching the Christmas fireworks celebration in town from our window


Today we had a special 8 year old guest in our home and I thought what better way to welcome her to our house than make amazing cupcakes to decorate and snack on. The ingredients were simple and incorporated agave syrup that was recently brought back from Arizona from the G-units. I love preparing delicious vegan treats for non-vegans. We never desire conversion because we respect others food choices. But it is fun to let the Babes' friends experience a little part of our life in such a delicious way.

This recipe can be found on page 190 of The Kind Diet, one of my vegan bibles written by the animal activist and actress Alicia Silverstone. Each week I will be tackling recipes from her book and discussing veganism. Once the recipes are completed I will be looking for suggestions on the next recipe book to tackle which will also incorporate a contest. But that is for later my sweets.


There seems to exist several myths about being a MAMA & STYLISH that I do not like.

1. Heels in public with your kids a major no-no.
2. If you have enough time to take care of your presentability and actually match something together, your children's live are falling at the wayside and you truly haven't embraced all that is motherhood.
3. You are young and foolish.
4. You are spending lots of DOH!

Well, I need heels to make it through my day. I actually find by wearing them I am reaching my full potential in height that I think genetics denied me but my mind always believed I had the right to. They are also great for the calf muscles when you can't get to the gym.

As for embracing motherhood: this mother's life is enlightened, encompassed and engulfed by children who guide, inspire and fulfill my dreams. I wait always until my children are fully dressed and occupied with an activity before I whisk myself away to get ready for 10 minutes - YES! I actually only take 10 minutes to dress and put my makeup on. Years of practice and perfecting.

I may be young but I am not foolish. I believe that experience, openness and the willingness to learn is more important than age. I embrace motherhood and me dressing the way I do (possibly seen as juvenile to some, fashion forward to most...I really don't know) reflects my desire to express myself and the unwillingness to let those expressions die with being a mother. I enjoy what I enjoy, part of that fashion and I think it is important to express that sense of self and style to my Babes.

Lastly, if you think I am spending our money frivolously on clothes when I'd rather be investing in the education and welfare of my Babes...you are mistaken. All things I wear are years old, hand-me downs, vintage or clothing swap finds.

So...without further adieu. This is the new section on my blog:


A simple picture and description about what hand-me down, thrifty finds I decided to match with my only 4 pairs of shoes.



I am known in my family as a really great gift giver. I appreciate the compliment greatly. To me finding the perfect gift for the someone you care for fills them with so much joy because they can truly see the depth of thought that went into it. Now, it isn't always easy. There are those amazingly selfless people who never drop any hint of what they need because they are so content with everything they have (love you Mom!). But most of us are generally consistent and have a hobby or interest that can guide gift making or purchasing.

First up...let's tackle the Tattooed Mama. Basically it is a list of things I think a tattooed mama like myself would enjoy...HINT. HINT.

1. blythe doll / 2. cupcake provocateur apron / 3. cutie dynamite hair clip /
4. forever 21 graphic comic tee / 5. ihirst replication crystal skull /
6. keep calm and zombie on poster / 7. my fave artiste Kelli Murray piece /
8. tattoo zombie inspired tee by megan lara / 9. pinky toast stocking
10. a new tat ... this one by spencer kmyta from captain's tattoo

What do you want for Christmas?


"Dad when the monsters come I will tell them to go away because I want all your hair gone."

- Eldest Babe explaining to The Papa what she would tell supposed monsters that would protect The Papa's hair from her cutting of it



{banksy balloon girl}

I look back on birthdays passed. As a child you sit and wait for the special gift you had been hinting at. For me it usually came. There would be the motions of a birthday: a cake, maybe a photo or two, a present...the present. But there would be no overzealous celebration. The evening usually would start and end in dysfunction and I would head to my room with a sugar rush and thoughts about what could have been.

I wanted balloons, craziness, friends to share. And that I did get...once. It was the year E.T. came out on VHS. I know because that was my gift. Friends from school came over. Our faces were covered in neon orange from Cheetos. We were bouncing off the walls and giant balloons. It was great.

But alas, this was my family and it never happened again. I desperately wanted it but the years went on and I got it into my mind that the day was just like any other and I was truly undeserving of celebration.

Then, I met the Papa. His birthdays were only slightly reminiscent of my own because of their simplicity. But they were steeped in the motions and makings of a celebration: love & laughter.

The Papa has created the most special birthdays for me as well. When in New Zealand, I was treated to an evening at a geothermal spa, ate Thai delights, and stepped onto a gondola to ride carts down a mountain in Rotorua. Could I possibly have been so deserving?

The day has arrived yet again. The day when I am expected to celebrate my birth. And while I am blessed to realize that because of my birth, my wonderful Babes eventually blessed the world, I still have a twinge of guilt for embracing the day as my own.

So today, I decided to embrace the day not as my own but as ours. And I must say honestly...it truly has trumped a view from the top of a mountain on the other side of the world. I shared the day with the three people who I love the most and who love me the same. There was celebration in simplicity. And today I marvelled in its brilliance.


The Mama