The Papa has a childhood friend named Terri.  Their Mamas are also childhood friends.  So these folks have known each other in utero.  Their summers were spent together enjoying the cottage.  Time passed and although they physically drifted, we got back in touch several years ago.  It has become our tradition to go to their cottage one day a year and visit and play.  It has been exciting seeing each of us Mamas pregnant and our families grow.  It must be interesting for both the Papa and Terri to have once been little folk now seeing their babes play together.  Full circle!  Terri has also become a good friend to me.  There exists a love, understanding and connection that was instantaneous.  It is so comforting to know that she is in my life and our families are growing in parallels.  We experience a lot of the same parenting things and we talk about them without fear of judgment.  Well, over the March Break, Terri visited (that will be two visits in one year) and brought these amazing photos she took over the past two years.  I just had to share.



We have been sick, so playing catch up.  I'm calling this week my 6th photo challenge.  Each week I am posting one photo of each of my babes.  You can start your portrait challenge at any time.  Just link below.

Harriet:  being her goofy self
Char Char:  mini me.  Look at those grown-up teeth!
Vye:  focused
Ivy:  after bath freshness


(Note:  I was not just allowing little Ivy to scream while I took photos.  I had nursed her, held her, and given her a homeopathic remedy.  The Littlest Big sis was there to offer her fingers as soothers.  It had been going on for a while and she was still inconsolable.)

The littlest of Babes seems to have been teething since month two of her little life.  It is painful to watch.  There is drool, inconsolable cries, gnawing at knuckles.  It hurts Mama's heart and is hard.  There are sleepless nights which lead to the Mama and Papa exhaustion.  My breasts have become a place where she snuggles and nurses from for comfort.  It places a large demand on my body and my mind.

I thought that it may be helpful to compile a list of methods of my top 10 methods to help the teething babe and parents with today's post.

1.  Camellia:  This homeopathic method has worked with all of our babes.  Most pharmacies stock this wonder.  I believe they come in a box of 30-60 capsules.  I suggest that you purchase the most you can afford because it will become a go-to.  Simply open the capsules and place in the mouth of the babe.  They may be screaming or crying uncontrollably so do your best to gently offer several drops.  Once they recognize the goodness, we usually start emptying it into their mouths for swallowing.  You should see almost instant relief.  Doses should be given once or twice every 20-30 minutes as desired.

2.  A cold spoon:  Place a metal spoon in the freezer and place on the gums and allow them to bite down hard.

3.  A soother:  We have never used a soother for any of our girls, but with Ivy we have tried.  She gags and spits it out, but if they are willing to take it, biting on the rubber could provide some much needed relief.

4.  A frozen cloth:  Dip a baby cloth or adult washcloth in water and freeze.  As they suck on the hard cloth, the ice melts.  The water and frozen cloth provides temporary relief.

5.  Become a human soother:  I have tried desperately to have Ivy not associate my breasts with soothing and only for milk, but truth be told, a Mama's milk and breasts are the most satisfying thing for a new babe.  They associate most of their comfort with your breasts or their Mama.  Although exhausted, you may find giving into their desire easier for both you and babe.  Trust me, we have spent countless evenings rocking the babes and administering the above methods only for them to find instant pain relief and calmness on my boob.

6.  Sling:  New babes are still adjusting to life outside the womb.  Their most comfortable place is on Mama or Papa in a sling, close to their heartbeats.  Our ergo straps have also served as soothers.  While in the sling, they ferociously suck on them

7.  Distraction:  The Papa spent hours holding the babes staring at street lights or passing cars.  The lights seemed to calm them and distract them.

8.  Using body parts as soothers:  A finger, knuckles or a chin is a hard surface that we allow them to chomp down on.

9.  Amber necklaces:  Some Mamas and Papas found these to be amazing.

10.  Cold peeled apples:  Chill some apples, peel the skin off and allow the babe to gnaw away.

I suggest finally to avoid numbing liquids.  Anbesol could numb the throat making nursing difficult.

Good luck to all of the parents out there dealing with this most difficult part of a babe's little growing up.  There will be sleepless nights.  Exhaustion could be a contributing factor in PPD.  Be aware and surround yourselves with partners and a support network that if need be could hold the babe for you while you sleep or get much needed you time.  Happy Mamas and Papas equal happy relationships and babes.

Do you use any or all of these methods to survive teething?  Are there some that I haven't mentioned?  Please feel free to comment.  I respond to every one.



We've been sick.  All of us, minus the Papa.  So as we recover, I thought I'd share some happy photos of me and the Littlest Babe.  I will pick up my portrait series this week.  Oh, to have sick babes and a Mama.  There has been lots of cuddles and relaxing.  It is in these moments we remember to take things slow, listen to our bodies and love.



The 52 Week Portrait Challenge is an opportunity to take one photo of each of my babes.  This week's theme is (in)action.  

Char:  In the act of performing as a fairy
Ivy:  choosing to go to sleep soon
Harri:  fully engaged in her sister's performance
Vye:  actively being inactive with my phone which she found (we don't encourage this type of play but sometimes it happens)

Please comment below with links to your own blog and photos.  This challenge can be started at any time!