I don't know how she did it, but Grandma made Harriet the best birthday present ever:  a Princess Leia Costume.  From what she told me she modified a vintage Little Red Riding Hood pattern.  But the fabric was bang on and the attention to detail was amazing.  This made her entire birthday!  Speechless.


 Come to the Dark Side, There will be Cake!!

Harriet has been obsessed with Star Wars lately.  I take full responsibility.  We watched all 6 episodes in a three week period.  On her actual birthday, we surprised her with a trip to the city and at dinner told her she was going to see the Force Awakens in 3D.  She repeatedly told me how it was the best birthday ever.

Of course, her birthday had to be Star Wars themed.  So my good friend put together this awesome cake, we invited her good friends and cousins and had a BLAST!  There was pin the ears on Yoda, Yoda Soda, Death Star donuts, light saber sticks (hickory sticks), masks and a handmade Death Star piƱata.  All of the kids were so delightful and I think they had a really good time.

It was lovely for them all to join us.  It is a birthday she will remember forever.

May the Force be With You!


I was recently sent this amazing teething ring by The Vintage Honey Shop to review.  I came across their wonderful shop through instagram.  Their designs are plentiful and compliment any mama and her look.  They recently launched teething necklaces in a variety of spring colours and without the large teething ring incorporated.  So many options.

The packaging was wonderful.  Just look at this detail.  Sweetly wrapped with beautiful string, a doily and a honey bee button for keeps.  Each bead is individually knotted.  The ends are finished with satin ribbon.  It allows for ease of getting the necklace on and off, but it also allows for length adjustment and it is just so darn pretty.

The Littlest Babe has been suffering.  By all accounts, she has been teething non-stop from one month on.  8 teeth emerged in a one month period.  We had tried everything:  soothers, camillia, medicine, rubbing the gums, amber necklaces, cold cloths.  Nothing would help.  I was hoping that something would soother the pain that she felt and I felt from seeing her in so much pain.

Once she latched onto it, it was hard getting her to let me model it for this post.  She was in love.  And the fact that it was attached to me while cuddling and soothing her, it made all the difference.

For those of you interested in getting your hands on one of these beautiful necklaces, please visit The Vintage Honey Shop.  Follow them on instagram and use the DISCOUNT CODE below to get 15% off before February 29, 2016:




Well I went for a new look!  The blonde was cute but I guess deep down I dream of being a mermaid.  It wasn't a brash decision really.  I've been thinking about choosing a bright colour for months.  I have spent countless months perusing Pinterest.  All my cool friends were doing it.  Everyone on instagram had taken the plunge.  I just had to!  I had two inspiration.  The Dainty Squid.  My inspiration was Savannah Wallace from Maiedae.  

When choosing the colour I wanted to use a vegan formula.  For my first attempt with colour I chose Manic Panic's Atomic Turquoise.  After much help from the Papa and the Babes, this is the result.  I LOVE IT!  I can't wait to see how it fades and if I'm inspired to do it again or attempt another colour to wow you all.