Family Time

Eabha holding Charlotte for the first time.
All the girls!
Grandpa and Charlotte.
Symmetrical Baby


Montreal Weekend - Botanical Gardens


Change is Happening - America Elects First Black President

I will forever remember my 26th birthday because on November 4th, 2008, change happened-Americans voted for the First Black President: Barack Obama! The art piece above was created by artist Rafael Lopez and his description of the work really encapsulates the feeling of utter elation and positivity that pulsed through me and others around the world:

"Barack Obama is a genuine voice for the issues we face in America and the world. His vision and leadership has energized Americans and people around the globe to demand real change. "Voz Unida" in Spanish translates to "united voice." I know we can make the world better by working together and listening to one another. This will bridge the divides that only lead to misunderstanding, intolerance and conflict—divides that concern me as a world citizen, a husband, and a father. I was inspired to paint this poster for my young son as a way to express the hope I have for his future. As an artist I believe Barack Obama exemplifies the united voice of all of us, standing up for everyone who believes that a better tomorrow can become a reality very soon."


I had this crazy idea that I was going to turn Charlotte into a can of Hairspray and I would be a 1960s character kind of from the musical Hairspray. Well, it did not pan out....so we went with Allen's idea - an eggplant. Which is very fitting. When it came down to actually trick or treating I became a cat, Allen a punk rocker and Charlotte ended up being an Eggplant princess. We only walked a bit down Belmont Avenue but it was fun. We have never experienced Hallowe'en as a parent and I must admit that I enjoyed it more. Seeing children playing dress up and those that worked hard on their themed costumes, was awesome. I guess I really for the first time appreciated childhood. Silly, eh?