Babe Phrase of the Moment

"Mama, are you taking me to Halloween?  Do we have to walk there?"  
The Biggest Little Babe says as she believes it is a place, like Oz perhaps.


A Reminder

my hands are small. i don't mean to spill my milk.
my legs are short –– please slow down so i can keep up.please look at me when i talk to you. it lets me know you are really listening.
remember, i am a child, not a small adult. sometimes i don't understand what you are saying. 
i love you so much. please love me for just being myself, not just for the things i can do. 


WELLNESS JOURNEY: Post 1 When One Cannot Sleep

When One Cannot Sleep....

*  she distracts herself with Zombie shows
*  she noshes on vegetarian wraps
*  she dwells on a comment her Eldest of Babes said that tore her heart apart
*  she thinks the unnecessary amounts of coffee that flows through her veins
*  she turns to other blogs to find ideas that never become reality
*  she thinks of time wasted, and yet again wastes more time

The past few weeks I have not felt lost but overwhelmed.  There simply are not enough hours in a day to complete all the tasks that I have foolishly set forth for me.  The evidence lies in a journal that I have created called "The Book of Endless Life Tasks and To Dos".  My days are spent looking after the little  lives of the Babes, and it fulfills a huge part of me, but there are parts that aren't being fulfilled, some just ignored.

My friend Christine posted this evening about distraction and losing sight of the purpose and motive behind her blog.  It resonated, because I too have been guided, as of late, by the creative blogs of others and a desire to have more "hits".  There is an honesty that is lost and I generally feel strong urges to sometimes just close the blog all together or completely revamp.

The Sponsor Page is now obliterated.  More positive transformations to come.


I am working towards the above and hence this first post on Wellness.

Firstly, there are things I need to WORK ON...ASAP:

  1. My eating habits:  Having disordered eating habits in the past, it is easy to fall into them when you are pressed for time and looking for a quick energy fix, as well as put on the pressure (by self) to look a certain way after Babe.  I have discovered, after gaseous bursts, that the Babe does not adore certain aspects of my regime (please NOTE that I am not using the word beginning with D and containing the word DIE because that is just what they contribute to - DEATH).  My body has reacted poorly to any form of Dairy and Macrobiotics and whole foods have been screaming my name, and I want to respond.  
  2. Balance:  A general term for allowing both my creative, calming, and active pursuits to meld as one.  
  3. Cleaning out the Head Space
  4. Being the Best Mama

To Begin I plan on doing a 7 day cleanse, to happen after my birthday.  I feel that the cleanse will really test me and bring out emotions that I have been holding back.  

AFFIRMATIONS and NATURE need to be a part of my daily existence.  

This evening, as I sit in front of the computer as the Mess sleeps, I begin my JOURNEY of WELLNESS.  Inspired by the recent decision of my sister to take up Yoga Teacher Training and my deeply soulful friend Christine and my own feelings of self-worth, I promise to work towards BALANCE.

For now, I post these links that I am loving now and hope you follow as I work towards bettering myself, The Mess, my relationships all while experience TRUTH, LOVE, and PEACE.

Littlest of Babes: One Month

My Top Blogs

Since starting my blogging hobby 4 years ago, I have admittedly become blog obsessed.  Each day I return to the blogosphere and explore blogs that I find amazing, cool, inspiring.  They are all written by amazing strong women and their posts have been begging for more.  So without further adieu my fave blogs...

Mama Blogs

Sometimes Sweet:  I was initially drawn to this blog because of her Tattoo Tuesdays.  I now continue to follow Danielle and her little family.  Her post Literate & Stylish introduces me to intelligent, well-read women and their blogs.

Kelli Murray, Artist:  Kelli is great!  When planning my wedding I came upon Kelli's invitations on Style Me Pretty.  I began following her and watched as she got married and pregnant.  We are online buds.  I think she is a beautiful, amazing woman and mother.  Her style is cool, her illustrations stellar, her daughter, Rylee - the cutest!.  She has now become a contributor to A Beautiful Mess and has been crafting more.  Please support this amazing artist.

Bleubird Vintage:  No DIYs.  Just a Mama sharing her love of family.  She also homeschools and creates amazing curriculums.  As she describes:
"a girl named James, married to a boy named Aubrey, together we are raising our 4 kids in the big city, dreaming of a simple life in texas hill country and learning each day that less is more"


Speedtrials:  I need a big space to write about the lovely Marlene.  But in short:  She is an intelligent, artistic, hardworking, biking, bilingual Mama who is a dear friend  and her hubby is my hubby's messenger comrade from back in the day.  She is a DIYer and knitter and runner.  And her French is mesmerizing.  xoxox

General Interest Blogs

Verve Evolving:  Last but definitely not least.  Christine is a high school friend.  Although we didn't hang a lot there was always a kindredness to our spirits.  She is absolutely amazing.  Each day I head over to her blissed out blog.  It inspires me to find balance in my life.  Her posts are soulful, explorative, insightful and lovely, just as she is.  She is a beautiful soul and if you are looking for uplifting, visit.

Lately: Funny Faces and Pipecleaner Crowns


Playing:  I have had the urge to blog but have been preoccupied making halloween crafts, amazing food, funny faces and silver pipe cleaner princess crowns.  We recently returned to playgroup for crafting and our fave facilitator.

Thinking:  About how amazing it is for a child to imagine.  We painted rocks white and painted ghost faces on them.  A cereal box was converted to a fairy house and the ghosts played and played.  Stories that we have told and listened too have contributed to the stories they have created.  A week ago the Eldest of Babes designed finger puppets, put up playbills and put on a show for me which incorporated so many elements of amazing stories.  I tried hard not to smile but it was amazing.

Crafting:  Halloween, birthdays and Holiday time is upon us and I am a busy bee working away.  I have also started my Sketchbook Project 2012.

Exploring:  My self, mind and relationships with my Babes.

Eating:  Amazing Vegan Food because I have discovered that anything but makes me ill.

xoxox  The Mama

Have a Lately... to Share?  Please place a link in the comment section.


bad.little.spice. STORE

Finally!!!! Up and running!  It maybe not be much but here it is.  For now it will be a place where I can post items that I need to release from my clutches.  It soon will hopefully embody craftiness and custom portraits.


bad. little. spice.

Here is a link to a PROMO CODE, which entitles you to 10 % off if you purchase $20 or more.



The Mama


Dear Babes

Today I watched in awe of the amazingness that is childhood.  Imagination and energy was bursting at the seams of our little apartment.  Finger puppets were made and play bills taped around the house to inform the adults that, yes indeed, dreaming and play was taking place.

You ushered me into the room, "your stage", where the show was to go on.  Once I sat, fairies flew, stories emerged, told as though you were reading aloud a tale from distant Narnia or Neverland.  The unfolding tale flowed easily.

As the littlest of Babes cried out in gaseous agony, you raced to her side with doctor kit in hand.  I explained that her cries could possibly be the result of a poor diet on the Littlest of Babes' Mama's part.  But you, The Eldest, simply looked wisely into my eyes and said that "No, you are good at mothering."   Gently, you rubbed the Babes' belly, and explained how gentle your touch was and sang sweetly.

In these moments, I watch you with bright eyes and a smile that never fades.  I am afraid simultaneously that my positive reaction, well any reaction, could thwart this magic.  But how can I stop from experiencing such joy, especially when it lets me experience, if even for a moment, your purity and joy.

Tonight, I go to sleep nursing one babe, resting beside another and thinking of the Eldest tucked away. I dream of our tomorrows and adventures, and fondly remember the day of pretend and a wisdom that only children have, a wisdom that I have lost and you have helped me rediscover.


The Mama

Hallow's Eve Plans

The Babes and I have been working hard to bring together a truly haunting Hallow's Eve.  Our lesson books are full of pumpkin stickers and the house covered with the macabre.  We spent the better part of a morning cutting cardstock bats via Dana Made It.

This Mama plans to complete several of her tutorials (as pictured below - all sourced images from the above link):

Halloween also happens to be the 2nd year Wedding Anniversary for the Papa and I.  I have been searching for some interesting vegan dinner ideas for such an occasion.

These lovely vegan ladies have some recipes I am dying (hehehe) to try:

Mama et de bebe Hawk and her Butternut Squash Spiced Doughnuts
Fork & Beans is dishing up a Halloween themed Vegan Mofo!  Frightfully delicious.

xoxo  The Mama


Chopped Vegan Competition: Vintage Double Chocolate Squash Brownie Brunch

 Vintage Double Chocolate Squash Brownie with Salted Popcorn and Apricot Drizzle

This dish is the sweet little ending to a bridal brunch.  It actually tastes really delicious!  The perfect combo of sweet and salty.


1/4 cup of wheat germ mixed with 1/3 cup of milk
1 1/4 cup of sugar

2 cups of squash (finely grated)
1 cup of almonds finely chopped (pretty much ground)
1/4 cup of flour
1/2 cup of cocoa
1/2 tsp of baking powder
1/2 cup of chocolate chips

4 - 6 tsp of SMUCKER'S apricot preserve
1/4 cup of popped popcorn mixed lightly with salt, little oil and 1/4 tsp finely chopped rosemary sprig

Soy Whip cream and a dollop of apricot preserve for presentation


1.  Preheat the oven to 400 degrees and Earth Balance buttery spread a square 8 inch baking dish.
2.  After mixing the milk and wheatgerm and letting sit for five minutes, combine the wheat germ mixture with the sugar with a hand mixer.
3.  Combine the squash with the dry ingredients and mix with wheatgerm/sugar mixture until "just mixed" and well incorporated.
4.  Pour half of the mixture of brownies into the buttered dish.  Place little dollops of apricot preserve throughout and then blend with a spoon lightly.  Top the layer with the popcorn.
5. Top with the rest of the brownie mixture.
6.  Place in the oven for 20-25 minutes.


These taste best when warm so scoop out, place in the bottom of a vintage tea cup, add a dollop of soy whip and top with apricot preserve.

Yummy!  I hope I win Isa!


Days with My Babes

simplicity... cuddles, coos, kisses, nuzzles, nursing, mischief, dancing, reading, imagination, rhythm.  breathing in and breathing out as we explore this new babe.  difficulty...adjusting our exuberance, navigating our day, sleeping, stepping into new roles.

nothing but love, love, love along our path.

loving the new found smile of the Littlest of Babes and the desire to look into our eyes more throughout our mutually enjoyed days.


The Mama