"I am in a dog situation because Bailey doesn't want dog food."



To be kind is to:

Reject and intervene in the abuse and mistreatment of another, even though your heart and mind may be full of fear

Make small gestures...smiles, holding someone up while sick, random gratitude, compliment rooted in accomplishment

If someone is being unkind to you, use the power of your voice to express that. Your words may prevent others from being hurt in the same way.

Keep your mind open to other views. You do not have to accept them or respect them, but do not close the door to them, because you may be closing the door to friendship and love.

Break the boundaries of hierarchy with intelligence


(UN)Kindness is the language which the deaf can here and the blind can see.
- Mark Twain

My loves...

This Mama has lived feeling for others always. The mistreatment of others, vulnerable others, weak others, misunderstood others, creates a stress in my chest that lingers and infuriates. To watch blatant hurt towards another angers me. How could one feel any good when they take so much power away from someone who lacks it?

Unkindness manifests in many ways:

It is in the slamming of the door on your way to opportunity
It is in the hateful words spread about another not in their presence
It is watching another human get hurt and turning away
It is the elbowing of a bike messenger fixing his bike on a sidewalk because one does not like "their kind"
It is in the judging of a person without ever having a conversation, delving deep into their thoughts that they keep hidden because of said judgment
It is in the closed mind, that rejects people of difference

It is the lack of love, compassion, empathy

As Mama always hopes, you will not encounter or disseminate unkindness...social, societal hate.





Some people have personally inquired about a typical day in the Mess. So here it is:


Papa wakes up and heads towards the kitchen to listen to the CBC and prepare his lunch and coffee for a day of work / school

The youngest Babe wakes up to these sounds and begins to help the Papa in his preparations

Mama slowly...slowly wakes up and takes over a bit before the eldest Babe awakes from slumber

Babe quietly heads to the livingroom, smiling, laughing, with open arms

We say our adieus to Papa and begin our day. Breakfast usually consists of a homemade granola infused with honey or maple syrup, sunflower seeds and dried fruit, soygurt, fruit and milk. Always topped off with a Flax Oil Liquid supplement (omega-3) and shot of iron to ensure the dietary needs of a vegan Babe are met each day.

After brekkie we change into our clothes for the day, quite a struggle, head to the bathroom to wash up and splash our faces with cold water.

While the Babes play, most often independently apart, the Mama folds laundry and then prepares a diaper bag including Sigg cups of water and a portable snack.

We begin with a nature walk. The time of the walk varies as does the location. We spend the time discussing nature, exploring and embracing our time with each other. The youngest Babe literally stops to smell the flowers on each walk.

After the walk we return to the town proper to visit the library, play in the park, read in our "magical" tree house, talk with neighbours, or a simple errand to the bakery as we desperately crave our Pagnotta bread, vegan date squares, and Nancy Amos.

The Babes are itching for home. Three books are chosen to be read. We light a candle head to bed, read and nibble on a trail mix. Once completed we blow out the light, dim the lights and rest.

If everything goes according to plan, Mama gets a couple of hours to complete chores around the house and breathe out. It is during this time that Mama prepares lunch...a vegan soup.

The littlest Babe usually awakes first and helps Mama in the kitchen. The Babe is drowsy and not wanting Mama for at least 10 minutes. The Mama gives her her space.

Once the second Babe awakes, a vegetable snack with hummus and smoothie is made.

We head outside immediately after snack and play.

We return to prepare dinner and greet the Papa shortly after. We do an activity as a family. This obviously varies but we have taken to sitting together at the table some days and working on our own crafts or readings.

Dinner is made and outside again or bath. Whichever one we decide to forgo loses.

The Babes are washed up and then once again we head to bed to read bedtime stories. Littlest Babe plays and chooses books. Eldest Babe reads with Papa. Mama reads or knits quietly.

Babes fall asleep.

Mama and Papa reconnect.

Food preparations for the next day are made (granola or muffin making).



Discovering pictures of my husband with a mohawk pre-husband days. Never met the mohawk but married the messenger.

My eldest Babe's desire to be with me for everything I do.

My youngest Babe's independence.

Opening my mind to the possibility of new friends.

Reconnecting with old friends.

Sharing moments with my best friend and then falling asleep with him.

Pagnotta bakery bread.

Hearing the fairgrounds bustle from my balcony



Oh my dear Oscar Wilde you put such an idea into such perspective! To intimately be in touch with all aspects of you, accepting that beauty and relishing it, ultimately leads to the most amazing romance of all: life.

The fortunate are born into a world untainted where those that surround us feed us unconditional love. In their eyes we see the devotion, acceptance and bliss that you, my Babes and all babes, are entitled to. As a child who experiences this type of unwavering reciprocated blessedness, one does not question the love of themselves for love is given and accepted so fully.

It is my hope, my Babes, that you will forever experience this from each and every person you encounter. Those individuals that cannot identify your greatness as instantaneously as those that do, suffer from a lack of personal love. Individuals who constantly seek out the faults of people do so only to raise their own esteems. If only they realized that a person's beauty does lie in their faults. Mistakes are just part of the colourful tapestry that is our lives, our story.

Our lives are our own because of our experience, ideas, interests and skin. Funny thing is that those things are constantly changing as we evolve. Accepting the fact that our changing experience influences our ideologies and growing or waning interests is essential to accepting yourself.

Embrace your change with strength.
Make no apologies.
Live without regret.
Reject hate of yourself and others.
See your soul in the mirror rather than your skin