The Mama started this blog 3 and a half years ago shortly after the birth of the first Babe as a way to connect with family and friends about the new journey as a stay at home mama and wife to messenger.  It has blossomed to a place that we hope a lot of people can visit and share our little life.  We live, love and laugh with the few things we can afford because we embrace each other, our dreams, the present and our future.  

Do you have a question for the MESS?  If so, please comment below or email so we can get to answering them.  

But we plan to formulate answers to these questions soon...


how did the Mama and the Papa meet? to make a long story short...i was a mailroom maiden in a law firm and the Papa was my bike messenger.  he knew me by last name only, as that is what i signed with.  he picked a flower peaking from cement, came up with a package for me to sign, asked me on a date.  i said yes.  the date lasted 12 hours, our life together forever.
what is the average day in the Mess like? besides the eternal mess, our days are filled with the philosophy of breathing in and breathing out, responding to our bodies and nature.  we play, exercise, love, laugh, craft. dance, make our meals and eat TOGETHER, and not necessarily in that order.  the Papa has usually left for work before the Babes and I wake up but when he returns, all his time is spent in the Mess.  he is awesome as he acknowledges that our jobs aren't necessarily equal with regards to income, but the psychological and physical stress of being the Mama definitely warrants breaks.
what are your real names? those of you who know me, know the names of my babes, and if you search far enough through the blog, although I am feverishly working on editing some points, you will find the names of the babes.  my children and their privacy is important to me.  vagueness with regards to names of the members of the Mess and our hometown are my ways of protecting them.
why did you start blogging? as most mamas, i started this blog to keep in touch with family and friends, while living in the country and big cities.  now, due to the energy it takes to create, run and design The Mess in Messenger, i am seeking sponsorship and hoping for this to be a source of income.  my job as Mama, although the benefits of being with my children and raising them and watching them grow each day is reward, i would like to financially contribute to our future.
are you planning on adding more Babes to the Mess? my Babes are perfect and we have been so blessed with an amazing homebirth and healthy babes...but we always think of adding possibly one or two more to our brood.
why you rent instead of own? we have a dream of one day moving to a country, built from our own minds and hands.  our Babes are young which lends nicely to the fact that the maintenance, finances and time which go into a house would fall by the wayside while looking after our Mess.  we maintain our dream but we are also quite happy in our present.  the house will come...at a time which is right for us. 


age? some people have a lot of probs embracing their age.  i do not.  i have had 29 revolutions around the sun and am looking forward to each and every one to come.  i am actually really looking forward to silver hair.
educational background? i studied communications so i have a bachelor of arts summa cum laude.  i found that the degree was a little too theoretical for my liking.  i was accepted into fashion communications at ryerson.  but fell in love and knew that i didn't really want to start another degree.  i was also really close to applying to med school.  now i'm hoping one day to be a midwife.  for now i educate my babes daily.

how many tats to you have? i have three tats. what are they? one is of my grandfather who passed when i was about 13.  he was the ideal man and what i compared my hubby too.  he was the only man to ever stand up to such a great man.   i miss him each and every day and he occupies a lot of my thoughts.  i wanted him to "walk" me down the aisle.  he did.  my first tat was of the phrase "dulcius ex asperis".  simple but inspiring to me.  through difficulty comes sweetness.  my final tat covers my back.  it is of a butterfly and flowers surrounding my phrase tat.  i initially wanted to have the butterfly struggling through the wind to get at the flowers but ... it was painful.

how many tats do you want?  i envision a sleeve, a chest tat and several tats representing my little fam.  requires money, a vision and a great artist.

what do you do to stay in shape? maintaining a 90% vegan diet.  drinking mostly water and running my butt off.  i used to be an avid athlete in highschool.  survived uni by bustin' it in the clubs with my friends ames, steph, jax, tamara, and rachelle.  now i need to make the time.

hardest thing about being the Mama? my days are filled with looking after the babes, maintaining a close eye on their vegan diets, crafting, nurturing and maintaining a relationship with my best friend, my hubby.  knowing that i am responsible for the future of two beings.  each decision i make effects them.  that is hard.  because my thoughts are always with them.  24/7.  there is no break.  at the same time, they are my guidance, inspiration and purpose for bettering myself and this world.

dreams for future? settled in "our" home.  travelling north america in a delica. sending my babes to an environmental school.  writing a book.  loving and living life in happiness. playing the ukelele.

fave crafts?  crafting is a bit of an obsession.  it is hard to decide.  anything involving woodburning, zombies, needle felt, hipster love and irony.

your art? i am beginning to realize that i have a bit of knack for drawing portraits.  can't create from my head but love people and black and white.  graphite forever.  will be attempting to dabble in painting soon.

hobbies?  singing. laughing. puzzling. sketching. blogging. antique shopping.  reading.  poetry. writing. never being busy. biking.


educational background?
how many tats to you have? what are they?
how many tats do you want?
what do you do to stay in shape?
hardest thing about being the Papa?
dreams for future?

medic life?
messenger life?
mason life?


why raise kids vegan? the Papa has maintained a vegan diet for almost a decade and has never been healthier.  he always knew that our children would be vegan, and as his partner, i supported that.  it has been daunting, for me at least, trying to research vegan nutrition, as most doctors are quick to be judgmental (although our doctor is magnificently supportive).  i truly believe that my children have a greater understanding of food and respect for animals because of it.  they also have rarely ever caught a cold or other illness.
aren't you worried about health? many people assume that veganism translates into brain malfunction and waifiness.  well, if you ascribe to the image of the typical vegan who is actually using the diet as a label which will allow themselves to restrict themselves from food entirely because of disordered eating.  they look like walking zombies.  done correctly, vegetable and legume sources provide you with essential building blocks of life.

so please stop asking me:
where do they get their protein?
what do they drink for milk?
stop stating:
i could never do without cheese
fave vegan kids recipes