Holiday Celebrations

Coming in after a cold New Year's Day, Daddy wanted me to snap a picture of the rosy cheeks that both Charlotte and he had. Can you see the resemblance?

Although all of Charlotte's gifts were awesome (a snowsuit outfit from Nonna and Nonno, a baby doll from Aunt Debbie and fam, a fruitcake, bicycle onesie and funny soothers from Aunt El, Oncle J Dog and radiant Eabha, and ballet shoes from Cousin Anthony, Aunt Ash and Uncle Ro), the one that she has really taken to has been her Jolly Jumper. She now screams for this item and gets super excited once in it. If encouraged she will jump higher than I thought a baby could. Grandma and Grandpa Grier have created a monster!!!

Eabha is so creative and worked diligently on decorating the family Gingerbread village that Grandpa constructed - a yearly tradition. She decided after seeing how the red sugar crystals became pink when spread on my iced roof that she would put all into the icing container. The result: A pink roof! Love it!!!!
Eabha holding Charlotte's hand. She is such a sweet girl and was excited that Charlotte had held her hand. I was excited as well.Santa thought that Charlotte, after completing Charlotte's Web with her father recently, that she needed something else to read. So she got J.K. Rowling's "The Tales of Beedle the Bard". We can't wait to read it.

Everyone needs a sock monkey! A sock monkey jack-in-the-box is even better.

Santa didn't forget Alley. He brought the frisbee that Charlotte had requested. What we found funny is that Alley didn't open the gift until Charlotte had awoken to open hers, eventhough it had been sitting under the tree.
This note is pretty self explanatory. Sorry for eating the cookies Santa Claus.


Lilou-Organics: Ottawa Mompreneur Lisa Schmidt


Lisa Schmidt is an Ottawa mother extraordinaire who took her concern for what she was placing on her babies bottoms and her body to heart. She created an e-store dedicated to providing chemical free cosmetics to consumers with "naturally high standards". Her philosophy is simple: "because it is a natural choice". Please support Local and Organic...Buy from Lisa! Her husband also happened to be my badminton coach and teacher in highschool. He is awesome as well.


A Princess Dress from my Fairy Godmother

Once upon a time, there was a little 5 month old Charlotte. She was visited by a Fairy Godmother bearing a gift from Baby Gap. After making a wish and dispelling of white tissue, she opened a box to discover a satin dress with sparkly tulle. To thank Godmother Sogi, she played and smiled, kissed and grabbed the dress, drooling everywhere. Thank you Fairy Godmother and Merry Christmas.


Charlotte's Letter to Santa

And it reads....
Dear Santa,
This is my first year writing to you and I am very excited to leave you cookies and soy milk (I hope you like it - it is the only thing mommy and daddy drink).
My name is Charlotte Harlow Laine Grier and I am 5 months old. I asked mommy to write this for me because I can't, as of yet. Plus I am too busy playing in my bouncy chair!
I really don't need much. So many of my friends and family ave done so much already. As long as the milk and play time keeps flowing I will be fine.
I guess it is protocol to ask for something though, so......
For my dog Alley . . . . . A new frisbee;
For my daddy . . . . . A zombie movie;
For my mommy . . . . . art supplies or books for her Doula training
For Grandma, Grandpa,
Nonno, Nonna, Aunty Ashley,
Aunty El, Anthony, Uncle Rodel,
Uncle John, Eabha . . . . . hugs and kisses from me
For my boyfriend Emil . . . . a guitar - he loves to rock 'n roll
So good luck in your sleigh. When you come by I will probably be asleep - I'm such a good baby.
Love Charlotte


Cousin Anthony's 1 Year Bday


Brunch with Emil, his fam and some other beautiful fams

What Mommy?!

I said i want to kiss you!

Come here big boy!

Summer (pardon if I spelled her name wrong) was the life of the party. Her mother Jules is the wonderful, energetic Strollercise organizer - amongst other things.

Raina is so beautiful and peaceful, asleep amidst the chaos.

Moving Day

On November 30th there was so much to do
I packed and played and had a poo
Grandpa held me so I could tape
While Mommy filled boxes, I acted like an ape
I said good bye to the first home I have known
Where I was born, a place I call my own
Thanx for the memories and the kindness Grandma and Grandpa Grier!
We love you and will always remember the times we shared!