This little ornament is really fun for me and super relaxing. If you have never tried needle felting you need to. Anyone can excel at needle felt which is also amazing.

supplies needed:

* paper to cut the silhouette from (I prefer a hard cardstock)
* scissors
* woolfelted sweater that you will be upcycling for this project
* needle felt needle and foam (might buy a kit)
* black wool roving
* black felt sheet
* embroidery thread
* large sewing needle


1. Find a silhouette that interests you. I found a deer one that I googled and traced onto a paper.
2. Cut the silhouette from the paper. Place the pattern onto the black felt sheet and adhere with the sewing needle. Cut out the felt in the shape of the deer.
3. Place the deer felt silhouette onto a piece of the wool felt sweater (make a large square with 3 inches on each side).
4. Needle felt the silhouette by placing the wool roving over the felt silhouette. Go to town. Quickly bring the needle up and down over and over. The fibers in the sweater, roving and felt will stick together. You could always skip this step and glue but this is much more fun.
5. Cut the sweater with the needle felted silhouette into an oval shape. Cut a black felt square into an oval as well (same size).
6. Tie a piece of the embroidery thread into a knot and sew invisibly to the inside of the ovals.
7. Blanket stitch the ovals together, leaving an area to fill with left over pieces of felt.
8. Stuff, continue the blanket stitch and ENJOY!!!

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