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3. Visit HGF on Etsy and tell us which item is your fave (i am soooo loving the cobalt dress) and comment ON THIS POST.

Almost 4 years ago, I went to work for a boutique in Ottawa's trendy Glebe called PomPom. I was coming in to work with a great group of women and sell amazing wears. It was great. While there, I had the pleasure of meeting the amazing Sarah May. Her style was so forward. You knew she was destine for great things. And now she is making her mark in the world of fashion blogging with her blog Hunt. Gather. Fashion. and a vintage clothing line, HGF Vintage, on etsy, on Market Publique and at Coal Miner's Daughter in Toronto. Below is a little profile of the wonderful Sarah. But for all the lucky followers out there, Sarah is offering a vintage jewellery costume piece.

Follow the instructions above to enter the contest. Open to all.
closes Midnight December 24th, 2011.


SPONSOR LOVE & Q/A with Hunt.Gather.Fashion

name: sarah may

blog: hunt. gather. fashion.

blog description: it’s like a infinite online mood board; a place to share all that inspires me.

online store: in May of this year I launched Hunt Gather Fashion (HGF) vintage online, available at Market Publique, and Etsy. i focus on carrying authentic items, each special in their own way. Construction and material are extremely important to me, so you will often find garments made of silk, wool, leather and suede.

length of blog: i put up my first post in December 2010, but didn’t start blogging consistently until the beginning of February 2011. I started because I wanted to join the fun, but also because my desktop was getting too damn cluttered and I wanted to connect with people who loved fashion the way that I do.

educational background: my post secondary career has taken me down multiple paths over 8 years. I studied science in University and then much to my parents chagrin, I left before finishing my undergrad to pursue a professional dance education in Contemporary dance. After free-lancing as a dance artist for a few years, I decided to head back to school once again and study fashion business.

what i wanted to be when i grew up: when I was a child I always wanted to be an oceanographer and had this image in my head that it meant I would get to swim with dolphins. I changed my mind on that one around the same time I realized I would need to get a job to pay for the purple jeans my mum wouldn’t buy me. Teenage priorities eh?

inspiration: i could never pinpoint one person, object or creation as my inspiration. It is something that changes on a daily basis for me. I am consistently inspired by great craftsmanship, the art of creating with our hands. I also find inspiration in the moments between doing things - meaning it is neither the beginning or end (result) of an action/creation that are the most interesting to me, but the times in between that capture my attention.

love for fashion started when: i could never pinpoint a moment. It’s just part of who I am.

earliest memory of fashion: I have no idea how old I was, maybe about 5 or so…but I clearly remember having this one dress I was obsessed with. It was black velvet with a white lace collar and it had a ribbon around the waist that tied in a bow at the back. I think my mum still has it.

if you had only one outfit, what would it be: being Canadian, I think that there should be room allowed for 2 outfits – one for each season…sooo….1. (fall/winter) Comfy Straight leg Dark denim, my fave black leather booties, a drapey T and fabulous tailored vintage blazer, a long necklace, Top with my black leather moto jacket and vintage Stetson hat.

2. (spring/summer) Floral Sundress, tortoise shell sunnies, lots of bangles, shrunken denim jacket & brown leather flip flops.

fave experience as a blogger: i would have to say it’s connecting other bloggers through the blog, twitter and instagram. Blogging really allows you to be part of a whole different community and meet some really great people! Attending the IFB conference in New York this year was also one of my fave blogger moments.

hobbies and other loves: i design jewelry and love to host DIY nights with my girlfriends. I took up gardening for the first time this year and am now planning for the spring growing season already. There is something so satisfying about cooking with the veggies you planted and cared for.

where you see the blog going: i really don’t know. As of now, I’m very busy, so even blogging 3 times a week can be challenging, but I really would like to be doing 4 or 5 posts a week. I have no plans to monetize HGF, but you never know what the future holds?!


  1. Thanks for the contest ladies! My fav, by far is the sheer olive green dress. Merry Christmas!

  2. Ok - my fave item @ HGF on Etsy is the olive & red 40's dress, but I must admit I looked closely at both the striped 60's sweater shift dress and the 80's Ralph Lauren jacket. Unfortunately, there was nothing my size! I liked HUNT.GATHER.FASHION on fb and have joined the Mess... fb page.

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  4. My favourite HGF item is the cobalt blue number complete with funky waistband ~ Love ! I did all 3 !

  5. love the new look of your blog. and i also love the grey envelope clutch!

  6. I would have to say the bomber jacket is my favourite but the sheer dress is amazing! Hope you have amazing holidays with Lunchbox and the girls xo!

  7. yellow jacket. sexy times!


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