Littlest Babe, I love you(!) but lately you drive me wild. I wish for you amazing days filled with happiness and play. But you, my dear, have been trying to find your way. It can be rawther frustrating. Trying to work through painful gums, tiredness and establishing your role as little babe while maintaining your emergence as big girl, leads to strife. Please note that The Mama is full of understanding, love and patience. Also note that The Mama is also lacking a lot of sleep. The two to four hour bedtime ritual is no longer working for any of us.

Growth of a child is awesome, amazing. It is also so perplexing for parents. For just as we think we have caught up, there you go...growing again. Your vocabulary is blossoming at a quick rate. It seems you can repeat any word introduced. But there remains a frustration when The Papa and I have difficulty deciphering. Each day I bear witness to an appetite and energy for experiencing the world that parallels no other. It is amazing that you harbour such an openness for the unknown.

Our moments together, although tinged with midnight crying and bedtime distractions as of late, are memorable and cherished always. For in you daughter, I see possibility, unconditional love of life and a mind that is willing to embrace the good.

So please, dance on, sing often and be your silly self. It makes me be mine.

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