Dear Santa:

My name is (Eldest Babe). I've been a good girl this year. I learned some new letters: "A", "O" and "C", three letters in my name. My mommy is writing this letter because I am still learning all my letters.

I'm 3. I have a sister named (Littlest Babe). She's silly but I love her. She's 20 months, well 23. We like to colour each other and I cut her hair. I've been very, very, very nice to her.

For Christmas I would like you to bring me water, like Cindy Lou Who. The Littlest Babe would like yellow, pink water. Maybe a wagon for my dolls & a pillow.

For the Mama & the Papa please get them a picture that my sister made & one that you made. The Littlest Babe wants to get them chocolate.

For you Santa, we will leave lots of jellybean cookies & water to drink and some clothes for the reindeer so they don't get cold. We will get you reading glasses too.

Thank you in advance.

Love the girls.

Straight from the minds of Babes

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