The Potato Harvest.

Fingerling Potatoes
Check out Allen's Hitler Mustache.
So Proud!
Dirty Face
A Better One
Two Hands are better than one
Ooooh...a big one.
Getting Dirty
Bucket Full of Potats

"Come Back Swans"

This was the phrase that Charlotte repeated because Grandma had spoke it. Grandma was concerned about the swans because they hadn't been seen in a bit of time. But they swam ashore and greeted the Griers at the dock.

Three Heads are Better than One

How does your garden grow?

Living in Montreal this summer has left Allen's garden in disarray. He attempted to find a community garden here. The waiting list is 3 to 5 years long. He made a small attempt to plant beans in the front. However, the maintenance crew chipped them away. When he arrived at the cottage this time, however he was pleasantly surprised. There were about 15 bulbs of garlic (i am just guessing - it looked like a lot) and the beans had flourished. There was also a foot of zucchini back there. It put such an amazing smile on his face.

Look Grandpa, I can read

Swing low sweet Harriet

A Belated B-Day Gift from BG...But it was our fault

Pat had travelled 1 and a half hours to see Charlotte on her birthday. He got all the way to Crosby and I didn't have my phone on. He was lost and because of my foolishness never made it. He did stop by when we were in Ottawa to give Charlotte her gift. There was a beautiful Winnie the Pooh card, The Ant Bully movie, two books which she has fallen in love with and this amazing interlocking floor mat. We have been wanting to get it for her forever.

Thanks BG! You made her day!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle...HARRIET?

So we are in a definite transition moving to Perth in 3 days. We came upon this idea. We place a blanket as cushioning and put all toys in front of her within reach. She actually loves it. Unfortunately she was almost taken away when we left her on the front lawn. (This is a joke!)

How Adult little Miss

Hibiscus Miss

Allen and Charlotte went for a bike ride to a local Farmer's Market and brought back this blooming bliss for me and Harriet. Thank you love! A husband who listens so attentively. I am sooo lucky.

Charlotte's Last Night with Hannah

Hayley, Marcos and Charlotte's friend Hannah invited us over for dinner in the park. It was so pleasant and amazing. The two girls rode around on their bikes while the parents talked. You will be missed my Montreal loves!

The Archeology Museum in the Old Port

One of our final activities in Montreal was a visit to La Musee Archeologique. We were drawn into the museum because there was an Easter Island exhibit. Turns out none of the monuments were allowed to be taken off of the island, now belonging to Chile, so it was quite lame. We left quickly and ended up going to a tiny lookout point. You can view the entire city from there. Charlotte enjoyed herself thoroughly. The coolest part of the museum however was the Underground city. It is a genuine archeological dig that one can walk through. We saw a cemetery and the pipes were made of stone. It was awesome.



"1. Lots to see and do.

2. Eastern Ontario's Exciting Getaway Destination. Every year more and more people are finding Perth a great place to spend a weekend or week.
3. Excellent Recreation & Sports Facilities:
    • cottages
    • camping
    • boating
    • fishing
    • canoeing
    • waterskiing
    • sailing
    • swimming
    • tennis
    • walking tours
    • parks
  • soccer
  • beach volleyball
  • basketball
  • skateboarding
  • cycling
  • baseball/softball
  • cross country skiing
  • snowmobiling
  • ice fishing
  • snowshoeing
  • hockey
4. The Big Town of Festivals: Maplefest, Stewart Park Music Festival, Garlic Festival, and the Perth Fair provide a major event each summer month.

5. Historic Architecture, Perth Museum and Old World Charm with all the New World Conveniences. Friendly, helpful people. The little community that cares.

6. Beautiful scenery and wildlife watching. Day trips; 10-20 minutes to exciting and interesting sights, sounds and places in and around Perth.

7. Freshest air in Eastern Ontario - minimal noise. Open the window and sleep like you've never rested before.

8. Great food, fresh produce, and health foods at the local market and dozens of restaurants and all the favorite fast food outlets ... even the food tastes better out here.

9. Rideau Canal Access via the Tay River Canal Branch.

10. Unique gift shops and shopping experiences await you in Beautiful Perth." beautifulperth.com

So above are the reasons we should have been persuaded to go to Perth. We are mainly headed there because Allen found a program that interested him. But we have begun to think that maybe it is our destiny....

Down the street is Alleycat Bowling Alley and Fitness Centre. The decor is 1950s style...my fave!!!

There is Grandma's Lunchbox (Allen's nickname is Lunchbox)
There is also The Perth Courier (Allen is a messenger)

Also happens to be a store called Sweet Peach that is for natural parenting. The owners are a mother and daughter pair (the daughter is a doula and the mother's name is Norma --- Crazy!!!)