The way home

The warm water

Grandma and Charlotte

The G-Units and the C-Unit

The way to the Park

We had decided to meet half way between Ottawa and Montreal for Father's Day. We arrived at about 11:30 am and waited for the Grier Grandparents and the Prices to arrive. It was such an amazing day. Allen and I brought some fruit, a pesto salad and some coffee for afterwards. The others brought a smorgasbord and an inflatable alligator. The water was warm, refreshing and lovely. Awesome day of discussion, family fun, love and summer.




Harriet full on belly laughed for the first time today! Charlotte went to the potty properly for the first time with a pee, a poo, a toilet paper clean, toilet flush and handswash - Without being asked! Totally initiated by her. I know, I know. One day they will look back at this blog and say "Mom, you are so embarrassing!"


Daddy and Harri Berry

Notre-Dame-Des-Neiges Cemetery, Zombies and Exploration

Freshly dug hole for ashes.

Charlotte in front of the war graves
Charlotte, meet Jesus part I (maybe for the first and last time)
Charlotte, meet Jesus part II

We were brought to the largest cemetery in Canada for business (no impeding burials, just job hunting) and were captured by its beauty, solemnity, solitude and history. We spent the better part of the afternoon going to different areas. There were war sites, ones dedicated specifically to deaf mutes and also a lot of Catholic plots covered with ornaments, pictures, rosaries, candles and flowers. It was interesting to imagine the lives of the people that now live underground. And although we are not religious, we could not ignore the emotion that emanates from the plots, the surroundings and the people that were there mourning.


Happy Birthday Grandma Grier!

Love the Griers
Charlotte, Harriet, Allen, Crystal & Alley


Afternoon a la Parc

Kissing RULES! Brought to you by Charlotte and Mama

RULE #1:
KISS the SAME KISS. Delicate pecks are best!

RULE #2:
Both eyes of participants to be closed to fully enjoy the kiss. Enhances the sensation and joy when you lose a sense.


Dear Charlotte

The past week my love has been amazing like so many others. We are so blessed to have so many amazing people in our lives. Firstly, we must welcome the new baby Elina to the family. Your third cousin (Anthony and Eabha are your others). We have yet to meet her, but I hear she is beautiful - no doubt. So congratulations Roderoses! We wish you the best Aunt Ashley too! Take much care of yourself as well.

On Tuesday, we had the pleasure of seeing Grandma and Grandpa. They visited you, took you to a toy store and got you a miniature Asha and ultra cool ball. They also made us a delicious dinner and gave me and Daddy a much needed evening off to explore Montreal, which was simply marvellous. The next day they enjoyed the sites themselves and headed home. We will see them soon however.

We also had the pleasure, as most weeks, of hanging with Hayley and Hannah. We met during a rainy Nuit Blanche and had smoothies and tea in a gelato place. We were also invited back to their home where Hayley served more deliciousness and you played more with Hannah.

You are amazing and out of the blue, gave me the warmest hug ever. You wrapped your arms around my neck, rocked me back and forth and kissed me, all the while saying "i love you".

I love you too!



Dear Harriet

Well my dear,

As your fifth month birthday approaches, I look back fondly. You have come a long way from the darkened, eye baby to the blue eyed engaged chunky monkey that you are now. Throughout the day you are consistently watching that which surrounds you (mostly an overactive and highly interested sister). Charlotte is very much into teaching you things. She is constantly telling me to read to you, which I do. She also was explaining all the different pieces of a farm puzzle we were working on. As I would hold the piece up, I would ask her to explain what it was and she would eagerly say "Baa Harriet!" grabbing it from my hand and bringing it close to you eyes, which were now searching for focus. She also loves to play a game with you whereby you are lifted by yours arms to an upright position and then she knocks you down to a pillow behind you exuberantly saying "BOOM!". She loves you so much and tells us so. She is always getting the sling for you and kisses you at every opportunity. However, she also loves to scare you, but that is just something that big sister's do to their younger ones. (We also like to tell you them that they are adopted.)

For months you were snuggled in your sling and covered by a jacket, but now that the weather is beautiful you are exposed. The leaves and light intrigue you. Sometimes you will catch my eye while looking up and give me a sweet smile. It warms my heart. When your father walks in a room, you look for his voice and get visibly agitated when you cannot find it. But once you do, you give him the same sweet smile you do me. His heart warms as well, and ends up melting.

You are a joy and a beautiful addition to our family, and although you do look very much like Charlotte, you ARE HARRIET! You are patient. You love tummy time and dislike baths. You are serious with you sneezes but over the moon excited about Alley. You have a cutest little ear dimple. You lift your legs when I change you. You tell the most interesting stories on your back. You are left handed, thus far. You are you.

Love you my slung darling. Enjoy your milk before bedtime and sweet dreams.




What Mommy does best...Photos in Colour Accent

Shots for Mr. Angelo and Ms. Marlene...GO HABS GO!! I mean SENS!


The Horn on the Bus

One of our fave songs is the "Wheels on the Bus". We usually race to the park to the stationery bus and sing this particular song several times. This is Grandpa and Charlotte's version in the Fiat.

Sisters Sitting Together

Sitting in the saucer

Kisses for Harriet

Snuggly Love