After a long hiatus, The Mess in Messenger has returned.  I have been missing this space dearly.  Blogging for me has been such a great place to meet friends, share my thoughts, get support, give people a little glimpse into our simple little lives.  As most of you know, we lost our computer to a good old cup of spilled milk last May.  If I did blog, it was all via my iPhone via a terrible app that shall remain nameless but had so many frustrations of its own.  It was last year that I saved some money to hire a professional website designer, Jenny Highsmith, to redesign my blog look.  I don't know about you, but it perfectly encapsulates our little mess.  I can really tell that I haven't blogged in such a time because Jenny went ahead and got pregnant and is about to have her little boy any day.

This blog started really simply but over the years it has evolved, as people and lives do.  So with that evolution I wanted also to capture our lives in a more beautiful way.  It wasn't until two months ago that we saved enough money to purchase another tool that I know would help the blog:  a Digital SLR!!  I am no photographer by any means (I leave that to my bro in law and friends Terri and Kerry) but having a good camera can enable me to take beautiful photos of my babes and share them with all of you.  I am pretty darned excited!

So my first post back isn't all too exciting.  I have no big announcements or accolades that I have acquired in the time gone.  But just to be on here writing is so good for my soul.  Trust me, when you type as fast as you think, it is a good thing to be on a keyboard.

I won't leave you hanging though.  I've been thinking about so things I want to do more of on the blog and maybe you can tell me if they interest you or if they should never come to being.

My Ideas thus Far:

A Return to that Which I Love:  The Babes

I want to focus my writing about and for the babes.  This is a blog which started because of them and I don't want to lose sight of that.  They are all that fuel my days' happiness and the Papa's obviously as well.  There will be more Letters to my Babes.

DIYs and Art

Only the funnest stuff in the world

Home Renos and Ideas for Home Improvement

We have a beautiful home, but it needs some work, love and an infusion of my style

Photos....Maybe a VLOG?!

Mama Self-Love

Honest, true confessions of a Mama raising these lovely babes who at times test my spirit.  I do love them but there is a constant balance in finding the time to be a healthy person (and sane person), a loving wife, whole being and role model.  I'm a work in progress

Veganocity, Recipes, Sustainability, Earth Love

Love you all and please feel free to comment below about anything you would like to see or get a glimpse into.