On this eve of a new year, for the first time in forever, i look back with love but am happy with my present. I resolve not to resolve to change. I resolve to embrace that which is me:

* the Mama of 2 Babes whom I love and adore who give me nothing but love and look to me for structure, warmth, intelligence, protection and wisdom
* the wife of an amazing Papa who values our equality and embraces all that is me
* the crafter who draws inspiration only from others who have truly been driven to creativity because of exceptional minds and wonderment
* the artist who draws exceptionally well the people who she adores.
* the athlete who would much rather run than attempt a downward dog for my mind cannot be still
* the writer who excels at the personal, the journaling, the non-judged for her words are grammatically a failure and her thoughts are uncensored
* the person who wants so desperately and secretly to find that something which ignites her soul but is really ignited by all in the world
* the self-proclaimed progressive who sits quietly in her home, the place most comfortable, thinking about changing the world but never actively participating in the protest for she is trying to be the change she wishes to see
* the friend who is always here to listen but who is still afraid to open up herself.

Mostly, I wish to capitalize on my talents: loving, laughing, being inspired, expressing, learning. The Babes continue to inspire me to be the best person and Mama.

The year of my 28th revolution around the sun was met with a lot of triumph and a newfound falling in love with the Papa, that I didn't think was possible. There was a resurgence in a love for music which allowed me to dance to the beat of my heart.

Simply for this year, I resolve to take things slowly while simultaneously embracing challenge and experience with open arms. More specifically, I would wish to:

art my heart out
dance 'til dawn
frolic with friends
ask for assistance
choose to chew slowly
smile often, laugh longer
live. love.

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