36 and 1/2 Week (and closely counting) Baby Bump Watch

In about 4 days I can officially have a homebirth!  We are excited this last birthing time for this prospect but even if it doesn't happen we are excited regardless.  After a discussion with our midwife we have decided to not birth in our actual home but close to the hospital with which she has privileges.  If an emergency is to happen and transportation necessary it would be better for our birth experience and the babe to be close to the hospital that grants full privileges to our midwife, rather than one that would exclude her from helping me birth.  It creates a bit of a complication logistically speaking but we are well prepared.

This Mama is feeling great most of the time.  I've been having contractions and lower back pain but false labours are just part of being a third time pregnant mama.  Today I looked at a picture of me in the garden the day before my Eldest Babe was born and I am definitely bigger at 36 1/2 weeks than I was at 39.  It definitely is wearing and stretching me but soon this babe will arrive in all her perfection.

The babes have been role playing a lot, taking turns being Mama and Babe.  It is definitely amazing to watch.  The way in which they talk to each other is so flattering.  It is partly innate but they are modelling my mothering behavior of tenderness, gentleness and understanding.  They settle each other with gentle words and rub each other's heads.  The Littlest Babe I feel will have a difficult time.  She is already struggling with her conflicting views on being "little big" or "medium" as her sister likes to remind her.  She is quite forceful with me.  This is the same thing that happened around her birth from the Eldest Babe.  I just ride it out and continue to show I love them.

We ventured into the city to create little itty bitty piggies at a paint-your-own ceramic studio.  The Babes had a blast and also had the special treats of lollipops and vegan Chinese food (which I was hoping to induce labour).

Must now go and venture to view a movie feature in the park and chew on some ice.  Maybe next time we chat the Littlest Babes will have arrived!


The Mama


FEATURE: Simple Life

With the impending arrival of the Littlest of Babes, it is hard not to get into the frame of mind where you think that you need everything new.  The perfection that I seek is not perfection at all.  It is the desire to fill the delusional belief that once we have "things" parts of life may seem better:  a house, a new car, a bed, wicker boxes to hold the Littlest Babes things.  The list has become endless, overwhelming and consumptive.

I recognize it is the desire of most nesting mothers of North American society to probably try to feed these WANTS. I am no exception.  But I don't want to be a symptom of myself or a consumptive society.  Lately I have been so upset with the amount of garbage and recycling we have been producing with regards to our food.  We generally eat really healthy.  We buy organic and local and bulk.  However, we also buy packaged items such as crackers, granola, yogurt, faux-meat items.  Also, due to the fact that it physically hurts to take the Babes too far and chase after them, we have been doing a lot of activities that cost money and waste.

We have officially decided on a farm-like life future with sustainability a focus.  We dream of raising chickens and rabbits, having a organic garden and place for the Babes to roam free and explore and imagine.  Celebration of:  Family, Love, The Earth and Life.

First stage of the Process:

Reduce.  Energy consumption, amount purchased, amount consumed, garbage.

*  we hang all our clothes but we could have less clothes
*  eating macrobiotically in season would be great
*  purchasing food without packaging or bringing reusable containers to purchase bulk items
*  eating out less (we can make delicious coffee and tea)
*  online garage sale and Sally Anne drop off

There is a book I would like to purchase called The Homemade Pantry:  101 foods you can stop Buying and Start Making.  Great inspiration for the journey to the simple life.  For now we will try to make our own treats, hummus, snacks and bread.


The Mama

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34 Weeks Baby Bump Watch

I feel that I am so close to the end now and so excited!  Although I continue to nest this Mama has relaxed on that front a little.  Our little home is a buzz with me trying new recipes and catching up on some much needed reading relating specifically to nutrition and birthing.  Most days I am exasperated and I have had to get the Papa to help me put on my shoes (I usually keep them on if I go places just because I can't take them off and the thought of the struggle tires me out).

Earlier in the week we ventured to our amazing midwife to have a meeting.  I am measuring exactly with my gestation which only concerns me on the baby ready front because I have never been shown exactly!  Could this mean baby is getting ready to show themselves to the world sooner rather than later?  A close family friend of the Papa is overdue and frustrated.  She is definitely amazingly beautiful when pregnant...a real earth mama...but I am empathetic to her feelings of "get this babe out of me".  Trust me, once 36 weeks rolls around I will be trying many of these naturally inducing methods in this article.

One of my serious concerns has been the car seat situation.  This evening however, the Papa informed me that all car seats fit!  Relief.  No need to purchase a minivan although by the Littlest Babes's next birthday we will be in the market.  I dream of museum, art gallery and slam poet visits during the week.

xoxo  The Mama




GOOD.IS August Back to School Challenge: Days 1 & 2

I'm not sure which homepage people have but for a while there the Papa and I were opening our internet to the news, never happy or awe-inspiring in a positive way.  Just plain dreadful descriptions about the world we live in and the people who inhabit it.  It was weighing on this Mama who definitely tries to show the most positive of things in people and the world to her Babes.

So I found a social media platform that both celebrated and encouraged GOOD.  What a difference it makes!!

I will leave my readers to explore GOOD.IS for themselves but this month I subscribed to the August Month of Learning.  Each day you are emailed new things to try.  I am a total nerd and love learning new things so I jumped on board to the interesting project.

DAY 1:  Start a New Book

Not too difficult considering the Babes and I spend at least 3 days a week at our local library.  For this challenge I will be starting Your Brain on Nature.  Our world is so amazing and I feel that it strongly influences our beings and mentality.

DAY 2:  Learn to Say Thank You in 10 Languages

In French    =  Merci
In Arabic    =  Shukran
In Spanish  =  Gracias
In German  =  Danke
In Japanese =  Arigato
In Portugese = Obrigado
In Russian   =  Spasiba
In Italian      =  Grazie
In Filipino   = Salamat (my niece and nephew are part Filipino)
In Dutch     =  Dank U  

33 Week Baby Bump Watch

I feel very much in the home stretch now.  Anywhere from 3-7 weeks a new baby could be entering our home, a baby that we have anticipated for it seems eternity.  I can't wait to meet her little face and see her little toes, the ones that have been twinkling.  We have officially decided on the full name of our babe which we are keeping under wraps until delivery.  Picking a name is really important to us because it encompasses a lot of family tradition and memories.

I have been a bit testy and nesty lately.  The anxiety of having another child isn't overwhelming but the desire to have a special place for this Littlest of Babes is keeping me on edge.  Projects that I have been working on or thinking about working on, I feel I NEED to complete YESTERDAY.  My reading list is piling up.  My etsy searches have been heavily inspired by baby.  Plus I am working on my own Bad Little Spice Shop.  MORE TO COME SOON.  There is also a huge desire to complete a little homeschooling schedule for the Eldest Babe (it will totally help me organize my life once the babe arrives) and an accomplishment schedule for me.  Oh yes!  The homebirthing supplies need to be put in order.  Last but not least we have to figure out a carseat situation in the next couple weeks.  Will we possibly need a new car?  Yet to be seen.

Several friends have been more than generous with givings of toddler clothes, cloth diapers, nursing bras and stuff for babes.  Their generosity is so sweet, kind and selfless.  I appreciate them greatly and I hope they understand just how much.

As the weather continues to wreak havoc on our environment and my feelings I look forward to giving birth to amazingness (I'm sure!!).

Have also just ordered a Belly Cast kit.  We had booked with an amazing artist named Julie Keon but the Papa won't be able to take me.

xoxox  The Very Busy and Excited Mama