My lovely designer Jenny Highsmith made mention to my blog on her blog (entitled Jenny Highsmith) today.  She is so sweet.  Her words are so kind.  Check out the feature here.  Also if you are looking to redesign your blog please visit Maiedae.  I highly recommend them as their design and professionalism is perfection!


17/52: A Portrait of My Babes Every Week for A Year

ELDEST BABE// staring out the window of a sun-filled cafe
BIGGEST LITTLE BABE// engrossed in a book at a record shop
LITTLEST BABE// happy...as always


SEEKING: Babes with Blogs


Babes with Blogs!  Now before you get your feminist knickers in a knot, the word Babe for me conjures up positives.  I often use the word to describe my Loves, the Babes, here on the blog.  They are full of purity, life, light, love.  We connect and I see nothing but greatness in them.  The other Babes whom I am seeking: you are strong, independent, innovative, go-getters and for that, you are Babe-a-licious...and I am seeking you.  

Blogging for me has been life changing.  My blog started with a desire to share that which I love most (my Babes) with those close family members who couldn't physically see us each and every day.  It was a way to document the small yet significant milestones in our little Mess of a life.  Through my almost five year journey, the blog has evolved from its humble beginnings.  But the journey and ride has been oh so cool.  I have made friends, opened my mind and eyes  to the beauty and lives of others, documenting their little lives.  I love women, supporting them and following them.  And I would love to highlight all the amazing things you are doing!  I want to share your little piece of the world, your story, with those that love this little space.  

The feature, to start within the next two weeks at latest, will highlight "BABES with BLOGS".  Once you submit your interest to themessinmessenger@gmail.com I will send you a small standardized questionnaire to email back.  The questions may be standard but your answers can be anything but.  I really want to highlight your amazingness, your pursuits, your individual Babe-ness.  The only other thing I will require of you is to submit a portrait of yourself blogging in your usual blogging space

So again send your interest to the email link above and I can't wait to connect with you.  STAY TUNED FOR THE FIRST BABE WITH A BLOG.  SHE IS AWESOME!  AND NO, IT ISN'T ME.


A Lesson in Redesigning Your Blog

It is with excitement, love, and inspiration that I introduce to you the new The Mess in Messenger. Over the past two or some odd months I have been working with an amazing designer (Jenny Highsmith) to create a new clean, feminine and tattoo inspired The Mess in Messenger. The beginning was only difficult because my vision wasn't clear. I was throwing out too many competing ideas. Jenny just wanted me to be happy and ultimately we ended up scrapping the majority of my ideas and going with the amazingness you see now.


* Less Mess
* Easy Navigation & Simplicity
* Tattoo, bicycle, and feminine inspired
* Streamlined Feed
* Links to my Instagram, Etsy, Pinterest and Facebook (These will all be uploaded and in the works soon so please subscribe to all)
* You can pin and share my posts (YEAH!!)
* Popular Posts
* My Instagram feed is streaming all the time
* Perfection


* More Updates, Pictures, Fun and CONTESTS!
* Tat.Tues. inspiration
* AN ETSY Shop and portraiture
* Vlogging (fingers crossed)
* Style posts that will hopefully be taken with a new camera that I am hoping to afford
* DIYs
* A greater look into my world and the Mess


1// FIND A DESIGNER.  I spent approximately 6 months compiling a list of blogs I liked and their designers.  The blogging world is neat because you have the opportunity to follow sidebars and posts to other amazing bloggers.  And that was the case with Jenny.  Through the blogging grapevine I found her.  Check out portfolios if you are unsure.  Look for a designer with the aesthetic you are looking for. What I liked about Jenny and Savannah also, is that there could be 100 edits.  But until you are satisfied, they continue to work, to realize your vision.

2// COMMIT.  Having someone remotely design your blog, for some, is a daunting prospect because you are entrusting another person to take your visions and personality and bring it to life.  It is also a financial and contractual commitment.  My designer is a professional so expect to pay.  It is not a huge leap of faith if you find an amazing designer.  But to commit to the change in your blog and the process is a must.  Also be committed to tell your designer everything your want.

3// CONTACT.  Can you believe that this entire blog was designed over email collaboration?  Once I was determined to begin my journey I contacted Jenny.  Her portfolio is amazing and her style similar to what I wanted my blog to be.  She is a blogger with Savannah from Maidae. I loved Savannah's style of blog and knew I wanted something similar. I was super stoked to be paired with Jenny.

4// QUESTIONNAIRE.  Jenny asked me to fill in a questionnaire about all the elements I wanted in my blog (colours, alignment, descriptive words, fonts, style, love of other blogs).  After that was submitted the fun began...

5// COLLABORATION.  This is an arduous process but one that shouldn't be taken lightly.  Jenny was great.  She listened to all my ideas, when I didn't like the product she worked hard to change it, and she gave me her honest opinion.  (Her idea ended up being the best...LESSON - Trust your designer!!) I threw her ideas, she designed from them, and then we'd go  back and forth, tweaking.  Sometimes I asked her to start from scratch, even though all designs she presented were sweet.

6// FINAL DECISION.  At some point you will get what you envisioned, be overjoyed and say "Stop the Designing!  It is amazing!"

7// THE LAUNCH.  It is with so much excitement that I launch the blog.  Yes there will be some tweaks technically speaking, but visually this blog speaks to me and hopefully to you guys too.


(the above image was borrowed from Jenny's site so I could thank her and promote her)


16/52: A Portrait of My Babes Every Week for A Year

Surviving Sickness!

This Little Blog of Mine...I'm Gonna Let it Shine

The upcoming week, I feel, will be an epic sort of rebirth for me and the blog.  For some people, this little space may seem so insignificant.  I "write" about the happenings of my babes and random thoughts.  Sporadically I post about those cute crafty things that ignite my being.  I didn't create them.  But someone did and they make me happy.  It is an egocentric place where I indulge in things that some may call fluffy.  Occasionally, I draw attention to that which makes me righteous.  But that has subsided and the aesthetically pleasing content prevails.

It may seem quirky, nonsensical and unimportant...but you see, it makes me HAPPY!!  This little space started as a place to share about the joys of motherhood.  But it has transformed into a place that is mine.  It is a part of my identity and some may call it ridiculous.  Who am I to share that which I hold close with those I don't (excluding those people whom I love dearly)?  Truth is.  I'm not really anyone important.  At least in the grand scheme of things, universally speaking.

But to three little Babes...I AM THE UNIVERSE.  Their universe is full of love from a mama with unwavering encouragement and trust in their little curiosities.  Their Mama is full of happiness because I am able to express that happiness in my little corner of the universe.

My blog is a place for me to be me: reflect, nurture, love, imagine, virtually dance, compose, piece together fragmented thoughts.  It has become my space.  My happy place.

And...a happy place is all I need to be that which is me:  MAMA.


The Mama


As of Late...Tickles and Toes

Water Challenge: 80-100 oz. a day

On Monday I start a 30 day water challenge (80 - 100 oz. a day) that I am hoping will extend to forever.  Enjoy these images from my pinterest board entitled "water" to inspire....

This is an etsy print from Antique Wall Art

Are you ready to transform your body and mind?

15/52: A Portrait of My Babes Every Week for A Year

Biggest Little Babe:  admiring the steam of a vegan delight
Eldest Babe:  biking for the first time...proud smiles
Littlest Babe:  Basking in the canadian spring sun, as only she can