After a difficult Saturday night, due to Mama's cold and Charlotte's non-sleeping which led to a 3 AM Chariot Ride, we had a great SUNDAY! The G-Units came with the boat and gave us a little spin up the Tay. Although Charlotte was so excited, Harriet was less than amused. We stopped at the first set of locks where we stretched our legs, I climbed down them and Allen and Charlotte checked out an interested Tug Boat.

We finished our trip and were just about to head out and got a phone call from Grandma. There was an issue with the parking brake and getting the boat out of the water was gonna be an issue. But Dada saved the day! (He has no issue telling me how great he is ;) - and I have no issue agreeing).

After the boat was loaded we headed to Ottawa for Cupcake Camp 2.0. We were only about 5 minutes late and almost ALL the CUPCAKES WERE GONE. (For a review see my blog at www.bad-little-spice.blogspot.com)

After maximum gluttony, we headed over to Pom Pom to visit my love Alyssa briefly. All in all, a great day.


DEAR Charlotte

My Love,

I look back on our past few weeks together with fondness. It seems since our move to this small town that has become our home, you have blossomed. You were always a curious child, as most children are. But somehow the quiet streets, friendly folks, spacious Stewart Park and children centred library has aided in a different kind of free spirit.

Your eyes widen when you return from a walk with Dada. Sometimes you are so excited that you are at a loss for words and use actions and exuberance to explain. We can all see the images passing through your little mind, you searching for the words that you have yet to learn but are coming so fast.

My days are filled with smiles, hugs, "I love you Mum"s, "come on"s, and "oh Thanks"s. You are amazing to watch. Some people look harshly upon those who live vicariously through their children's experiences. I live through your world and I am being introduced to a childhood innocence that I never had. Through your eyes, I see the world as a different, caring place, one that, although has its many faults, is beautiful.

You have little fear. You take risks and test boundaries only to test yourself. Challenge doesn't frighten you, rather excites you. As you climb the scariest structure and usher me away, I at once am proud but dread the day when you may not want me to be there as you experience these moments (although I will always be there).

So my love:

- continue to face the day with open-mindedness (for you have open my mind).
- be daring and confident enough to do that which scares you
- embrace yourself and all that makes you "AMAZING"
- continue to show me that which makes this life beautiful




Yesterday, we decided to visit Grandma at the cottage. The weather has been so strange lately and we were not fully prepared to keep little Harri Berri's head warm. So we scrounged together a scarf of El's and wrapped it around little's head.

ISN'T she CUTE!!


I have been on a real cupcake obsession lately. I am in love with Chicago-ite Natalie's Bake and Destroy blog and Melisser's The Urban Housewife. I love these vegan lovelies. Inspired, I made this "Sexy Low Fat" cupcake from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World.

NOTE: Low fat doesn't mean low sugar. All cupcakes should be consumed with caution, for they may cause one to go into a sugar coma!!! LOL. That is why we love them though.


image via weheartit.com

Harriet has got her first two teeth! The first emerged September 6th.
Harriet has also said "DADA" for the first time (Tuesday to be exact).




Charlotte's Pumpkin

EL'S Casual Birth Blessing

Charlotte picked these flowers in the Park
A knitted blanket by Norma for the new baby
Organic Baby bum essentials from Amanda
Eabha helping to open a gift

Shot taken by Eabha
Auntie Loo's vegan Walnut Cake being eaten

Yesterday our fam, plus the lovely Amanda and Alex, met at our house in Perth for a get together in celebration of the new Baby Price. The baby will be arriving in a little over a month and a half (around the time of the wedding and my birthday) but we thought that we should all get together before that time to bestow some gifts, love and blessings upon the Price family.

Brunch was a potluck full of roasted potats, vegan cinnamon buns, fruit kabobs, vegan quiche, bagels, wine and juice. We played a ridiculous game and then walked in Stewart Park where we sat under a willow tree and opened gifts. I hope you enjoyed the day guys.

Your Loves

The Griers


This is where I get my caffeine fix on Wednesday with the girls. There is a exposed brick atrium with a 12 foot high fountain and twinkle lights. It is awesome. We finish with a walk in Stewart's Park.


Each week I am going to try and post some heritage buildings and features of Perth to introduce y'all to our home. I will call it the WELCOME TO PERTH section. Last week, us girls headed over to the Perth Heritage museum to explore their garden. Flowers have long since finished blooming but we found some delicious apples and a beautiful arbour.


On Tuesday, while Allen was walking home from school he found a little kitty in distress. He brought her home and she was just frightening to look at. Her face was covered in blood, left eye covered with an abscess, claws filed down, whiskers singed, congested, dirty, covered in burrs and weighing less than a pound. You could feel all her BONES!!! Immediately we took her to the local veterinary clinic. The prognosis didn't seem well. Charlotte wondered daily about the "sick cat" who was going to "feel better". But after 4 days of observation we were able to take her home. She had been eating well, urinating and her congestion will remain but treated. She remains thin and frail, unable to jump up, but she is loving and loves us. She sleeps in our bed but can mostly be found in the sun (she has no fat on her body and this is how she stays warm).

As for the name LORAX: it is the title of a Dr.Seuss book we have been reading to Charlotte daily. The Lorax (a mangy orange thing - similarly to our kitty) is a protector of Swamee Swans and Truffula Trees. A Once-ler uses all of their environment's resources to make Thneeds, causing the inhabitants to all flee this smoggy destroyed land.



Harri Berri is hurting. On September 6th her first tooth came in and now the second has arrived. So many more to go love, but we will be here for you with soothers, camilia, cold cloths, and sleepless nights.


Charlotte thought this was scary, so she didn't participate, but I convinced Harriet to.