Our Amazing Charlotte

With the arrival with a new baby, parents are always unsure of how the first baby is going to react. Well, we obviously had nothing to worry about because Charlotte is absolutely amazing with Harriet. She is not jealous, just really wants to hang around her Daddy. But she offers her blankets when cold, reminds me to put her hat on, and puts mitts on her little hands with my help to stop her from scratching herself. She is always saying hi to her and gently bops her nose and rubs her head. She LOVES HER!!! I was also worried that with a new baby you would somehow forget about the other, being so engrossed in the new baby. But I love Charlotte more and find myself missing the time I spend with her. So here are some pics of our little ham:


We can now introduce our little bundle of joy to the world.

Harriet Audrey Mai Grier
Born January 21st, 2010 at 6:17 AM
at the Montfort Hospital

6 pounds and 2 ounces

with the help of student midwife Tina McMahon
midwife Paula Salehi

After a routine ultrasound on Wednesday that resulted in the belief that you might be in the 5th percentile of weight for your gestation, it was concurred that we should try to induce labour. We never ended up medically inducing labour but did a procedure that Wednesday in the hospital that sure enough brought it on. And after getting to the hospital at 2:30 am, you were born at 6:17 am, with the help of your supportive father, my doula and our wonderful midwives. At 9:00 am we left the hospital to bring you home and here you will stay surrounded by love of family.


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