Charlotte's New Sled

Christmas Celebrations


A DJ Saved my Life

Painting in the Kitchen with Mama and Dada

Charlotte was itching for a bath and just prior to Allen suggested that we paint first. So we put one piece of paper (BIG MISTAKE!) out and begun. Paint got everywhere...but soooo much fun!


Fave Book

In the past month, not a day goes by that me or Allen have not read this book to Charlotte. The rhyming is great and Charlotte recognizes a few letters and pictures.


Eating snow...not the yellow kind

Charlotte's first snow play involved being buried under snow by Allen and then picking up a big piece to quench her thirst.

I love these amazing shots that Allen took.

Daddy Taking a Nappy

Allen fell asleep and Charlotte brought him her sippy cup and Climbey. So Cute!

Charlotte's Little Fairy Dress


Cousin Anthony's Birthday

Happy Birthday ANTHONY!

December 7th was Cousin Anthony's 2nd birthday. He had a get together at his house and his Phillipino grandparents and family set up a delicious spread of food for all the guests. It was so amazing. Rodel's mom even made a tofu dish specifically for Charlotte and Allen. I, as usual, gorged on vegetarian items and cake. But it is always worth it!


Boris and Bella...or should I say Joris and Ella

This book has quickly become Charlotte's fave book. We read it approximately 4 times each day.

"Bella Legrossi is the measiest monster in Booville. Her slime was the slimiest; her grime was the grimiest. Her piles of lizard gizzards blocked the doorways, and her stacks of snake tails overflowed her counters[...] Boris is the tidiest monster in Booville. he vacuumed his vampire bats, dusted his spiderwebs, and polished his pythons daily".

They look very similar to Uncle John and Aunt Eleanor. Hence we call them Joris and Ella.


I love being warm...in the Dryer.

Charlotte's new cozy place to be is the dryer. She loves the echo and there is even a shelf for her raisin container.

When Babies ATTACK!!!!

Mommy's Belly

Allen and Charlotte finger painted a pumpkin chariot on my belly.
My Belly with a clown nose
Charlotte being gentle with baby


Dear Santa

And this year, the letter reads:

Dear Santa:

As usual, I cannot write yet. Although I am developing well (getting new teeth, eating solid foods, walking, learning words), I still am only 16 months old and unable to write. So Mommy is going to transcribe my Christmas wishes & list.
Mommy and Daddy say that I will have a new baby sister after the holidays. I am so excited to teach her things and play. I will show her all my fun toys and share my outfits with her. Please make sure little Harriet is healthy and a good baby to Mommy and Daddy, just like I was.
We will be moving to Montreal in the New Year. I am looking forward to it but I will miss my family and friends very much. Please keep them safe when we are not in Ottawa. I love them so much!

Now...down to business: my Christmas Wish List.

I do have a lot of books and toys and am really blessed.
On my reading list: anything Caillou, with alphabets or French

I would love an IKEA kitchen set with wooden food or dishes to play with and a little wooden table and chair where Mommy and Daddy can put my snacks and I can craft.
We will make sure to put out carrots for the reindeer, cookies for you and soy milk and tea.
Keep safe and make a lot of children's wishes come true.

Love Charlotte Harlow Laine

P.S. I love zombies, cats and dancing


Santa Claus Visit


Cuppedia Deliciousness

Every week, Charlotte and I have a date morning where we go for coffee / tea and have a breakfast bagel or veggie quesadilla at Cuppedia. We are greeted by the warm smiles of Theresa and Cynthia. They adore Charlotte and I especially enjoy the atmosphere and them as well. (www.cuppedia.ca)


Charlotte and Zari - Taken by Uncle John D.

We are blessed to have an amazing photographer in our family named John. His camera is an extension of him and his talent is unparalleled. Just check out this beautiful picture of Charlotte and G-Unit's next door neighbour (and our neighbour at one time), Zari.

Loves it! Little girls and boys holding hands.


The Pregnancy and Baby Fantasy List

Well, I am 6 and 1/2 months pregnant now and visibly pregnant and will be this way for the next little while. In the meantime I have conjured up some baby and pregnancy fantasies. If I had the money and means I would love to have these items and Charlotte and Harriet might enjoy them as well. So I thought I would share.

An Old-Fashioned Pram:

It just looks pretty!

Books from my Doula Reading List to Keep me Busy:

My Reading List books to complete include:
Overcoming Postpardum Depression and Anxiety: Sebastien
The Birth Book: Sears
Nurturing the Family: The Guide for Postpardum Doulas

The Infant Insert for the Ergo:
Due to the size of Harriet we will require an insert for the Ergo Sling we have.

Retails for about $18.00 and can be found at Extraordinary Baby Shoppe.

The Yoga Mat and Unlimited Yoga Classes:
During my 4th month of pregnancy I attended a yoga class at Rama Lotus Yoga Centre on Gladstone. I had held back on attending yoga for two reasons: 1) my mind races so quickly with so many thoughts, I didn't think it would ever be calm 2) yoga is so trendy now and I didn't want to follow the craze. Well, I went and LOVED IT! I fell asleep during the class!

Allen had purchased me 5 classes from the studio and I would love to get a mat to carry around. I also have a Postpardum video which I intend on using after Harriet's birth and a mat would be ideal for the new apartment. A mat with a cute organic or buddhist design would be awesome.

Mat Retails for $20. Classes Retail for Too Expensive!

The Belly Cast:
With Charlotte's pregnancy we thought about the belly cast, but just never got around to it. This time I definitely do not want this opportunity to pass me by. Whether we buy a do-it-yourself kit or get it professionally done by Julie Keon from Ottawa Belly Casts (http://www.ottawabellycasts.com/), we are getting it done. I envision a beautiful cast (no hands or arms visible) with bike parts around the womb. Could be cute!
Do-it-yourself kit Retails for $50.00
Custom Made for $195 without artistic design.

Play Tent:
This lovely design was found on etsy.com made in one of my fave places - Amsterdam. The design is simple, precious, and sweet with vintage fabrics. I can so picture Harriet and Charlotte having a blast in their fort together. Ah..sisterly love!!

Retails for $215 USD.

The Bummis Training Pant:
When Harriet arrives it would be great to have Charlotte potty trained. We would like to continue using cloth diapers and these Bummis pull-up training pants are exactly what we are looking for. The producct is tried and true in our home. We can't live without them (but we could live without poopy diapers).
The M Coat:
This is a 3 in one coat for the winter to last through pregnancy, post-pregnancy and to carry a slung baby in the winter. Ideal for Canadian mamas. Green colour is a bit puky...I'd go for black. Retails for approx. $398 (Uh...are you kidding?)