Bring on the Fluff...

Figuratively speaking that is.  You see, the blog will be changing slightly.  I will continue to write letters to my Babes and highlight those things which I enjoy.  There will be a relaunch in the Spring.  However, as of late, inner feelings and social happenings have caused me to become more inward, to the point where I do not feel safe or trustworthy enough to share that which is the utmost importance to me and defines me.  I do not even feel safe about revealing that which plagues me.  And that plagues me even more because lately my openness has led to a bombardment of unwarranted judgment, advice, and negativity that leads me to be more guarded.

This blog is a personal reflection of me and my family, and aesthetically it will remain so.  But no longer do I feel safe to even share here.  

My Babes ARE MY LIFE!  I LOVE MY LIFE!  Every decision I make is to benefit them in the way I think is POSITIVE.  Our decisions are our own, made with conviction, and without apology.

The Mama

Mini-Photoshoot Shots

My friend Kerry is following her heart and chasing the dream, pursuing that which ignites her soul:  photography.  Yesterday, we got together to get some photos for her portfolio and my blog.  There are more to come, but here are my faves so far.  Also, she writes about her journey of discovering self here.

She writes beautifully about her journey and soul.  It made my heart flutter.

xoxo  The Mama


5/52: A Portrait of my Babes Every Week for a Year


Dear Babes: 5 Months Reflection on the Life of Littlest Babe

Dear Littlest of Babes on Your Fifth Month on Earth,

Your warm body stays close to me all night.  You gently cry, requesting milk.  I, sleep deprived, extend a finger for you to hold as you squeak in milky enjoyment, eyes still closed.  

Each morning I am so blessed to wake to your smile.  

Joy. Spirit. Love. Milk. Repeat.

Daylight arrives and with it comes much enthusiasm from you.  The day will bring closeness, comfort, love, laughter and play.  You delight!  As your sisters play, your excitement ignites.  A smile comes across your face, your toes twinkle and you begin to propel forward.  They notice this and instantaneously leave all that was previously attaining their attention.  Their moments of greatest pleasure derive from you.

Milestones.  Bittersweetness.

This past month we have seen much growth in you.  Emotionally, you were none to ever waver.  Joyous and spirited.  However, emerging teeth have made many nights difficult.  Your eyes become tired, your frustration supersedes any hope you may have of relief.  Onesies become drenched in drool. Mama cries.  You seek solace in my embrace.  Light from the dark outside, peering in through our window comforts, if only for a moment.

Sitting is nothing but a nuisance.  There exists no greater challenge than the reclining position.  You desperately want to jump, stand, rock.  A unit, that I can only describe as a playtime pod, holds you upright while you attempt to lunge at the happenings of the Eldest Babes.  

Jump for Jolly.

We acknowledge the greatness of these feats and your desire for emergence.

You see...you are our last Babe.  All that you do, is the last that we will bear witness to.  There is a slight bitterness but there is such a preciousness and re-ignition in our spirits to preserve and cherish that which we will never hold again.  

So, my love, do all that you may in your time.  Slowly or quickly, we will all be waiting in the midst, in awe, in the present, absorbing all that you encompass and treasuring the gift that is you.


The Mama


A series of photos dedicated to our dream home:  built by us, in the country, open concept, heritage, natural!  If you would like to check out Our Future Home Inspiration on Pinterest, click here


4/52: A Portrait of My Babes Each Week for a Year


Self Portrait Challenge

Each year The Papermama does a portrait challenge.  She is amazing and beautiful.  But it upsets me that a comment from one person has lingered in her heart.  Let's concentrate on those that lift us up and let's make one of those people ourselves.

I am perfect because of the beauty I see in that which many would consider flawed.

a bigger than thou nose
stretch marks that look like stems of flowers that emerged through the creation of my Violet Dahlia Mayfair
eyes that are blind that get to emerge beautifully behind vintage specs
wrinkled hands from exposure to nature, love, water
awkward bangs cut by me because I had the desire to just do it....because
endless rants when infused with caffeine
curled toes from exercising my right to move
slightly yellowed teeth from enjoying my tea bliss
a grey hair, well two, that highlights my wisdom and experience from living
facial scars from a run-in with a vicious dog as a child...i survived and am reminded of my will to live

Tell me that which makes you most beautiful....because YOU ARE!!


Obsessing over…
LP Tokyo Sunrise...my new fave artist.  Please watch here.
Working on…
the blog.  Organizing the features, photoshoots, content.  I want it to be focused and epic
SPRING, gardens, festivals, getting an emerald modcloth bather.
Listening to…
The sound of the refrigerator
Orange juice from concentrate
there was 4 more free hours in the day

xoxox  The Mama

Recipe: Kick-Butt Kale Chips

kale:  a  form of cabbage, with green or purple leaves, in which the central leaves do not form a head. It is considered to be closer to 
wild cabbage than most domesticated forms.

This is a staple in our house all year round.  It is easy to grow (even in the snow) and has such an amazing flavour and multiple benefits including:  low in calories, fibre, zero fat, high in iron, Vitamin K, High antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, calcium, Vitamin A and Vitamin K....

So here is our favourite 5 minute recipe.





1.  Heat the oven to 400 degrees. 
2.  Pull the leaves from the stalks into chip size pieces (you may want to save the stalks for soup).
3.  Place in a colander and rinse thoroughly.  
4.  Place on a baking sheet and sprinkle with a little salt.  Each chip should be covered with salt once.  Overdoing it could make it too salty.
5.  Place in oven and cook for about 5 minutes.  You may have to flip once.  Watch carefully.
6.  Serve immediately as a side or snack


As of Late...

3/52: A Portrait of My Babes Every Week for A Year


To My Circle Sisters,

In these moments of doubt, I come to you.  Your love and light infuses my holed soul to fill the spaces occupied by numb.  The darkened days are inching towards light.  I love you for accepting my vulnerability.  I love you for your support.  I love you for your openness.  I love you for being my rocks...my....CRYSTALS!

holding me in love




healed and whole

So in gratitude I offer the same to you.  My heart is fully open to receiving your gifts and grateful for the ones you gave.

xoxox  The Mama


10 Day Fast: Prep Post

Tomorrow I begin a 10 Day fast with my Apothecary Circle.  At first I was unclear and a little unsure if the fast was right for me, at this moment.  But after careful thought and reflection and  a week of self-doubt, I now more than ever have set myself up to endure that which I have tried before but never succeeded at.  My circle is full of supportive women to lean on and embrace my struggle.  I don't think I will be able to do this without them.  The fast will bring on, as noted by our teacher, an isolation and loneliness, a spiritual awakening, questions, purpose, rediscovery.

It is my goal to cultivate a sacred space within myself, my body, and my environment.

"Fasting is this beautiful and mysterious tool that clears out and opens space up wide"

First, may I ensure my followers, friends and families that this is not an extreme DIET.  Food is fuel in my eyes and when the body goes on a fast, your metabolism actually slows.  After discovering that I suffer from IBS I need a physical clean slate from which to begin.  I also know how easy it is for me to pick up a project, never to complete it again.  This is the project which I intend to complete.  Also, by focusing simply on this liquid fast (which I will outline below), I hope to bring to the surface emotions that may have been hidden by emotional eating.

Secondly, I will not only be fasting from food but from that which consumes all too much of my time:  pinterest, my favorite blogs, netflix, social media and facebook.  These have distracted me endlessly from my spirit, goals and creativity.  Hence I will not access them.


Physical Fast:

I will rely on juice, berry smoothies, dandelion and lemon ginger teas, miso soup and clean, fresh water for 10 DAYS.

Sacred Space Fast:

I plan to not indulge in the internet, specifically:  pinterest, my fave blogs, netflix, social media and facebook for 10 days.  I will however allow myself to answer emails from my account and blog in the evening after the Babes go to bed and only after writing an outline of what I wish to write about.  There will also be no Movies for my Babes in our household.

I feel strongly about sharing my experiences on my blog for my friends are my support and your encouragement will help me so much to accomplish that which I have failed so many times before.  Oh HOW I FEAR FAILURE!

My intention from the fast is to reconnect with my body and find a sacredness with myself and space.  I hope to open up my mind to possibility, creativity and soulfulness.  Please recognize my desire to be kind to my body and mind and support me on this journey.

xoxo The Mama