this is me giving my wedding speech at dinner to our closest friends and family. if you look closely,
eldest babe is picking her nose, littlest babe is freaking out

It has been a bit of a rough time lately. For some reason I have had endless headaches everyday for 3 weeks. The girls have not been acting themselves and the pressure of Christmas, although in our house it is more of a bustle than a flurry, is getting to me. So today after playgroup I threw off my pants took off my sweater and just walked around the house in my dress from my wedding dinner. I just need something to remind me of happy times and make me feel amazing. It is a dress I found online from lulus.com. It was within budget, black and lace (my fave) with ruching detail. The doc martens were found my last year of uni. I found them in a box at my mom's house 3 years ago and have been wearing them ever since.

Docs = $120 (10 years old though)
Dress = $40 (priceless)

Total = $160 but who is really counting

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