The Papa

The Papa of The Mess is the rock (pun intended - because he is a heritage stone mason) that holds us together.  The Papa was the initial reason for the naming of the blog and he always likes to remind me that the name actually was his creation.  I think he is looking for some sort of royalty from my gig.  But I think he is also quite satisfied with the joy that The Mama receives from such an endeavour and the fact that his children are raised with the one who is closest to them.

His journey in life has taken him from the mean conservative streets of Ottawa to the hilly ones of Montreal, the shop class of a trades college in Perth and now to heritage masonry on Parliament Hill.  He has grown as a person and has allowed us to experience the journey with him.  His choices have benefitted this family greatly and he relishes in the fact that by allowing him to experience this educational pursuit the bonds of our family strengthen, much like the stone walls he constructs.

I am hoping that The Papa will make some guest blog appearances.  Not only do I want to get his perspective on The Mess but his writing abilities far surpass mine.


The Mama