The eve of Christmas Day, Eldest Babe fell asleep at a decent hour. Littlest Babe fell asleep in a chair at 5:30 ish and awoke as the Eldest Babe entered slumber. She was up until close to 11. Santa was not impressed and must have been really tired waiting for this little to drift away and dream of sugar plums again.

The morning arrived. The Papa and I were woken by a very excited Eldest Babe. We were unsure if she was going to begin to open the gifts without the rest of us, but her instinct was to wake us up and inform us of the present delivery. Her first instinct was to share the experience with us.

And oh what a magical experience it was. Although sleeping bags were the first to be noticed, the wrapped presents were the icing on our Christmas fruit cake. The eldest babe opened a book with polar bears on the cover and was over the moon. She continued to open another paper wrapped gift with the babe's initials marked on it. It was Horton Hears a Who and she stated that "Santa knows we love elephants!" Santa was a real hit and got them all of the few things they were hoping for: a toy wagon to match the Mama, a book, a purse for gathering nature stuff, and lollipops.

The Papa and I exchanged records. I received She & Him. I had been hinting at it for a period of time. I had given him Hollerado - a local successful indie band. We were both pleased with ourselves and instantly hit the record player to begin our Christmas song listening: a new tradition in this little mess.

The day was calm and full of a flow and rhythm that was not stressful at all. After a quick breakfast, we all dressed. The CBC and little ones were playing in the background, as this Mama prepared part of a vegan feast, our traditional vegan menu. The Babes ventured outside for a sled ride as the Mama rested. The G-units arrived with gifts, love and food in hand. It was amazing to welcome them into our home, the place that is most comfortable to us and the space that is so warm in our hearts.

We ate, drank, chatted and anticipated the arrival of our sister, brother and niece. Their arrival marked such a happy time. Seeing my niece always warms me. She "makes my heart happy". It was simply a day of amazingness. It ended with a walk in a fluffy winter wonderland, a visit to the Papa's job site of restoring an old courthouse in town and the most amazing hugs from my niece. The celebration has ended for this year, but the smiles, memories and love lingers.


The Mama

P.S. I so desperately wished to be with all other special people who we love. I miss my lovely sister and her family, my niece and nephew, who we were unable to connect with. I love my Hayles. I love my T, Zip and Deuce. I miss my friends who are sharing this day with their family. Missing you and love you.

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