Charlotte's Favorite Toys


Valentine's Day / Mommy and Daddy's Anniversary

Both Grandparental units were so kind as to send you lovely cards for Valentine's Day on your First Valentine's Day ever....HOW Sweet! Thank you guys.

Spins and Needles 4th Year Anniversary

Daddy and I have decided to do one family fun event each week. And to kick off the fun, we went to the National Art Gallery for Spins and Needles 4th Year Anniversary party. For $12 you get craft supplies and entry to the event. So many smiles came your way as we sat and made homemade Valentine's Day cards and got our pic taken and turned into a paint by numbers.

Dear 21 pound Charlotte

Well my little Chumpcake...you never cease to amaze us parental units. This week especially. You have been eating solid foods for approximately a month now, and although at first you were in love with rice, applesauce and bananas, you have graduated to barley and sweet potatoes. They have become your fave as is evident when you push the others away (mostly the avocado) and close your mouth to protest. Earlier this week you visited Grandma Carroccetto at work. She adored showing you off to her co-workers and loved every bit of you. On Monday you also left me in awe. As you sat on the bed, playing with your pyramid of rings, your intentionally attempted to get them off one by one and then continued to try and put them back on the stand. Baby genius in the works? I think maybe. But if not, you will still always be a success in my eyes. We love you to pieces, as does the world and we look forward to your growth and development.

Love always,



Charlotte's Film Debut

A Winter Festival in Windsor Park

February 1st at Windsor Park near Grandma and Grandpa's house there was a Winter Festival.  There was deliciousness (hot apple cider, hot chocolate, coffee, stew and hot dogs), dog competitions, games, children, and a horse drawn carriage. Daddy and you got intimate with one horse by sticking your hands in his nose and getting carrot all over your fingers.  We didn't stay long however because you quickly drifted into Dreamland.


NOTE:  No babies were harmed in the making of this photo.  The wigs were taken off just as quickly as they were put on.

Sexy Alyssa Visits

Alyssa is absolutely ethereal.  She is such a positive, unique and beautiful individual.  Photography is her passion and let me tell ya She is AWESOME!!!  We used to work at Pom Pom together and she talked to Charlotte everyday in my belly.  I kind of think Charlotte looks like her so maybe she rubbed off.  This particular morning, Alyssa came over for brekkie and took some photogs of little one.  Love you Alyssa!  xoxoxo