Walking with Dinosaurs

This was an amazing experience. I thought I was actually in the movie Jurassic Park. Unfortunately I was unable to get really great photographs. It was so frighteningly, life-life. Charlotte loved the noise, exuberant colours, moving landscape and 30 - 40 ft. creatures, while her cousin roared beside her. Plus, we got box seats! YEAH!

The SuperEx at Lansdowne

Charlotte was not tall enough to go on any rides (even with a chaperone). So she played the only game tailored to her. Ducks waded around in a pool and she had to pick one out. She fished out one with "Large" written on the bottom after much try and help from me. We ended up opting for taking a light up rubber ducky home as we are overwhelmed with stuffed animals.
A beautiful view from the kiddie section of the exhibition.

We warmed up in the Pavillion where we got to meet animals. There was a petting zoo on location. (A goat took the liberty to eat Charlotte's sock.)

Another view.

Daddy and Charlotte having fun.


Filling Alley's Bowl...with Blocks


On the weekend we returned to a place that is close to my heart and cottage memories. It is WES's french fry chip in Arnprior. There is nothing that different about the french fries but they probably taste better than others because I associate them with happy times and my childhood. So I introduced the taste to Charlotte and she fed me some too.

Yummy Corn on the Cob

Daddy picked up a great batch of corn from the Farmer's Market and shared some with Charlotte. She loved it.


Testing out the New Sling

Me and My Mom

It's My Party and I'll Cry if I want to

Babies experience a lot of emotions and are completely allowed. This is a way she communicates and although I hate to see her little "sad face" it is a way she lets us know what is up.

Helping Dada organize his clothes

Charlotte was very adamant about re-organizing Dada's clothes. Hence, she cleared all his drawers (by herself).

Spins and Needles

We have become fans of this fun get together of music and crafts. On this particular night we went to the Museum of Civilization for a Mad Hatter night. Daddy made a family coat of arms from felt (which I will post soon). I worked on pin up girl tile coasters and this metal crown. Not so bad for an hour and a half of crafts.