52 Week Project is something that many bloggers do.  It is a way to capture precious moments of our babes and still be fully engrossed in their lives.  Their is no pressure to blog everyday but rather capture great moments each week.

These weeks theme:  eyes



(DISCLAIMER:  This post is in no way meant to pass judgment on anyone for their choices.  We all have differing reasons for how we choose to raise our children.  I love all people and know how difficult it is to make a choice, especially when it concerns those we love most.  This is a post to share what we think is right for our family.  We all must make informed decisions.)

When our first child was born, we were faced with many decisions.  The Papa is a vegan and he wanted to raise our children as such.  But we did our research and came to the unanimous decision that they would never consume animal products or by-products.  The nay-sayers questioned us.  We never balked.  We knew that vegan could be done healthily.  It means careful considerations to the food they eat but we knew that fully their nutritional needs would be met.

We wondered about schooling.  For us and our babe, homeschooling is the best option.  We faced much criticism with this choice.  Friends were lost.  Family continuously tried to impart their beliefs on us.  Yet, we continue to follow our nature-based and no-pressure schooling method in our home.

Deciding where to call home was another consideration.  Should we leave family and raise our children elsewhere or stay close to our hometown, where we could have the physical support while maintaining relationships and ties to that which we find familiar?  We decided to settle in a small town that was close to those we love while providing us with an autonomy and ability to foster and grow our own community.

These were all heavy choices.  But the most burdensome decision to date has been whether to vaccinate.  When the eldest was born, there was great talk about the correlation between autism and vaccines.  There was also great debate surrounding the harmful effects of the ingredients in the vaccines.  We were certain that we did not want to potentially expose our daughter to something that could leave her a shell of herself, make her numb to a world that was so amazing.

For months we avoided the vaccines.  Our doctor was non-judgmental, which was helpful.  He simply informed us of our options, gave us reading materials (1000 page textbooks on the subject) and left us to come to our own conclusions.  I thank him for that.  In the end, we decided on a delayed schedule for the babes.

This month, there was an outbreak of measles in Disneyland.  Those too young to be vaccinated were affected.  Vermont, several years ago if I recall, experienced a similar outbreak where many unvaccinated children came down with whooping cough.  The news was frightening, but really didn't affect me.  My heart sank for the poor parents of the babies who could die because of the relentless coughing which could cause starvation and collapsing of lungs.

But then...in my own town...whooping cough appeared.  Fear overcame me.  We have a babe of one month.  If she was to come in contact with this, she could DIE!  All the protective forces inside me emerged.  I refused to take her to public spots in town.  Luckily, it is winter and staying inside is part of the plan.  I waited anxiously for that two month visit where two needles would be stabbed into her tiny thighs.  My fingers were crossed daily that no one I had come in contact with would carry this terrifying illness and infect my babe.

Last week she got her needles.  A sigh of relief.  Sometimes we must look science straight in the face, push back all that we thought we knew to be true and decide, "fuck it!".  Their lives are so important. And what if?  I couldn't live with myself if my decision led to them not being in my life.  Life wouldn't be worth living.

So for the next few years, she will be stabbed continuously with those scary needles.  But you know what is scarier, not having those cute little legs to stab.



 Vye is our third born.  Our third of four girls.  She has always made parenting easy.  Her labour, although my most painful, was like a work day.  My contractions got really heavy around 8 in the morning at she was born at 3:26 in the afternoon in the beautiful sunshine.  A smile graced her face at 2 days old.  She was born happy.  There were never inconsolable cries.  Our evenings were routine and simple.  I could knit and watch a show while she sat contentedly bobbing in her bouncy chair.

 Readers may think I'm biased, maybe even delusional, but ask anyone of my friends or librarian folk (I am a frequent flyer of the library), she is a doll, has always had an electric personality and happiness in life is her thang.  A little light that never stops beaming.

 Until the birth of Ivy, she was our littlest.  Subconsciously, I feel she knew.  Maybe from inside the womb she could hear her the tests put forth by her sensitive, spirited Eldest sister and the dramatic creativity of her other sister on me.  Maybe when she was welcomed to the world by these loud sisters who had pretty established roles, she thought, "Hey!  They've paved the way.  I've got this."  Maybe there is this innate thing that says I am the youngest and I'm born to be chill and go with the flow.  Whatever it is, she fits birth order theories to a tee.

 Having a "Vye" makes the days where Ivy is slung to me all day, crying like I haven't nursed her in days, bearable.  It makes the moments where Charlotte is defiant, head strong and on the verge of tears, not so bad.  And when Harriet is loud and fearlessly taking on those strange experiments and ideas in her head, it seems more like child's play than intentional annoyance.  All because we have a Vye.

 The nights have been sleepless.  The days long although the daylight short.  But in the darkness there are these bright, quirky eyes.  There is a daughter who is always happiest when others are happy.  Offering hugs when she senses I need them.  Retelling stories of bats flying in my room or Ivy smiling at her.  She knows her catch phrases make me giggle and will always put on a show when it is needed to lighten the mood.

Although no one said parenting is easy, it is in those moments when I feel like I am failing, when I can't hear my thoughts over the drumming of spoons on pots, when I feel utterly drained of energy, that I am thankful for a Vye.

 Our children are all amazing blessings.  But they are all inherently different.  I love my strong, passionate, go by the rules Eldest babe.  I love my loud, fearless, determined middle babe, whom thinks the rules need not apply and withholds her feelings.  I love my 8 week hold who desires my touch throughout the day and cries in terror when she can no longer feel my heartbeat.  I love my third born Violet for making all her sisters lovable throughout the days of confusion and being pulled in different directions because they all have different physical and emotional needs.  I love my Violet because she makes my life easy.
(DISCLAIMER:  Vye seems to fit the birth order theories about third borns and their tendency to be awesome, easy going and delightful.  Please don't use this post as a reason to go for that third.  Results may vary based on genetics, gender and the fact that it is just a theory and I'm just a mama blogging.  But hey!  You may get lucky - read into the double entendre)



(All images were borrowed from urban outfitters.com Why shop in real life when you can dream?)



Thanks to all the lovely ladies who made my one and only baby shower awesome.  I wanted to celebrate with all the strong, amazing women in my life.  It was my last hoorah before being thrust into motherhood with 4 babes.

I decided to hold my shower at Back Beat.  It is a local record and book boutique that I adore.  The owners are knowledgeable and friendly (well friends).  They have turned this small little store into such a cozy loved spot.  Thanks Christine and Dan!

In lieu of preparing a massive meal or hiring a caterer, I asked each guest to bring a small item to share.  These are the kinds of ladies that are all amazing cooks, foodies.  My friend Nicole made an amazing cake inspired by Alice in Wonderland.  Abs made cupcakes and adorable shortbread cookies in the same theme.  Krista prepped amazing wontons.  Sarah-Jane a magnificent dip.  Erin brought a delish punch.  Kate an apple dip goodie.  Miriam delicious tarts.  There was more but I was too busy enjoying to keep track.   

The theme of the party was literary.  I prepared a little quiz where the guests had to match up famous children's book quotes with their author.  I think I stressed everyone out a little.  But it was all in good fun.

On Sundays, I volunteer at the library and I happened to find a beautiful book in the used book section written and illustrated by a naturalist (I believe).  I thought, considering we were naming the babe IVY that the book would serve as a great place to write notes to the babe.  I hope she cherishes the notes from those who knew me best.  Their advice and thoughts were beautiful and will always be remembered by me.
Just me and the girls hanging out.


Thank you ladies for such an amazing time!  I felt so loved and was so honoured to have you celebrate my last pregnancy and this little babe.


Alyssa:  You are the godmother to all of my precious babes and have followed me on my motherhood journey since day one.  I love you to bits and I will always remember your surprise.  Coming all the way from Ottawa to share this special day with me brought me to tears.  I love you so much.

Abs and Jax:  You are one amazing duo.  You both brighten my life and get me in ways that no other could.  Thank you for the cute little moustache tights and birdie tights.  You get me!

Chenoa:  Thank you for coming to the party and accepting my desire to get to know you more.  I look forward to our school journey with our babes.

Kate:  What can I say?  We are two peas in a pod.  Your generous gifts extend beyond the cuteness from the party.  I can't wait for her to sip from her Alice and Wonderland cup and wear the cute little onesies.

Anais:  You are a stellar mom and artist.  I am blessed to have you in my inner circle.  Your gift did wonders for soothing me while in labour.  Allen now uses it to calm the babes while reading stories by candlelight.

Amanda:  For a while there we were both part of the mom of three club.  You are doing an amazing job!  I appreciate you so much.  Thanks for gifting exactly what I asked for ;)

Nicole:  Uh!  Spending all day making me a shower cake while sick.  Stellar.  Love the baby milestone cards. I am using them as Ivy reaches these milestones, although sometimes I get a little behind.

Krista:  First of all...can you make me those wontons everyday of my life?  Thank you for not only making three amazing babes that my babes get to have the pleasure of playing with, but for being an awesome lady.  The girls went mad over the gifts and claimed some as their own.  Ivy frequently wears the tie at the end sleeper (why did I never use those?) and most nights, when we remember, we use the 365 question book.  The girls are eager for a question.

Miche:  You are such an amazing Mama!  I have watched you do your amazing job of raising two boys for 4 years now in awe.  You are a woman of grace, with no complaints.  Beautiful through and through.  I love you to bits and wish I had an ounce of your style and design ability.  Thank you so much for the handmade onesies (it was Ivy's first piece of clothing).  Lipstick is so sexy and the plant rests nicely on the mantle in a glass skull.

Miriam:  I adore you so much.  You welcomed me with open arms when I came to this lovely town.  Makers gonna make!  The first item of clothing I bought was a beautiful dress made by you for dear Charlotte at Christmas time.  I am so amazed at your talents and your unrelenting love for others.  You have not only gifted me with your presence in my life but you are beyond generous with clothes and items for my babes.  Thank you so much for your gift for Ivy.  Definitely well used.

Sarah-Jane:  You are a rock in my life!  I have shared so much of myself with you and it is nice to know that you accept me for all that I am.  You never ask for anything in return.  Love you.

Reyna:  Love you babe!  I am glad you are in my life and that my daughters have the opportunity to grow up with such a great role model.  Love you. (P.S. thanks both you and Sarah for the lovely gift card - plan to use it shortly).

Erin:  You are such a great addition to my life.  I love your spirit and your desire to help others.  You have amazing children and it is amazing to see your influence in their special lives.  Thank you for making it to the shower and showering me with love.  

Christine:  Thank you!  Thank you!  For letting us host the party in your store.  The handmade blanket and mobile and the thoughtful gifts for the babes were awesome.  I look forward to spending the New Year in Back Beat sipping tea and chatting with you.