The night is late and I sit on our couch, with tired eyes, while the rest of my Babes sleep soundly in our bed. I keep thinking about the day when they get to awake to find gifts have been magically placed by Old Nick under our tree. Some parents no longer believe in this man...but deep in my core this Mama believes that there is a person who anonymously makes magic come into the lives of littles.

Eldest Babe, sat down to watch a video that Santa had sent her. It just filled me with warmth to see her eyes twinkle and a smile instantly emerge when the old man told her of her accomplishments in the year and the special wagon that would be arriving under our tree. Looking at her you can feel the importance of imagination and belief. Innocence and acceptance in both those. As a parent, you must harness it. You will do nothing but marvel in its awe-full-ness. Your heart will flutter. Happy tears fill your eyes.

Tonight, the joy invaded the Babes' tiny, but open hearts. We sat around together, eating popcorn and watching the classic Mary Poppins. The imagination flourishes. It must never end.

xoxox The Mama


  1. A very happy Christmas to you and your sweet fam! Mary Poppins was one of my childhood loves! "I love to laugh...hahaha.." my fave scene on the ceiling

  2. Anonymous7:04:00 AM

    Sounds like a wonderful Christmas Eve Eve! Merry Christmas to you and yours! -Terri & Jack

  3. Thanks guys! I am wishing you the most happy of holidays and I really want to get together in the new year. Some of my fave ladies. MUAH!


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