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9/52: A Portrait of My Babes Each Week for a Year

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{a book about me} mama e-lab

For several months now, I have been feeling overwhelmed, slightly lost.  As a Mama totally absorbed and immersed by mama-ness, nursing, schooling, babes, home, very little I feel is left for me to be introspective.  Nurturing my soul and mind has gone to the back burner.  And for a woman who prides herself on self-discovery and lifelong learning and connectedness, it sucks!

Hence, MAMA SCOUT!!  I discovered this amazingness of Mamaness through my Apothecary Circle (what can I say, great mamas think alike!).  She introduced me to her blog and I am amazed.  Her ideals and living seem to be inline with mine:  raising her 3 babes through open-ended, passionate play guided by her love and presence.  I should also mention that she has designed a line of Mama Scout badges to honour that which the Mama more often than not is never acknowledged for:  pregnancy, breastfeeding, surviving a tantrum, grocery trips with kids, sleeping, reading, diapering.

Starting April 1st, she will be starting a 30 day {a book about me} mama e-lab with daily e-mails, journal prompts, creative projects and unbridled support to help you tell your story.  I suggest it for any mama, searching for that which has been lost, guided by a mama who strongly supports the Mamaness of us all.

Go here to register your seat in the e-lab today!


{a book about me} mama e-lab

Through list making, memory mining, visual map making and attentive looking, we will clear the path back to who we are, noticing how we have changed and plotting who we want to be. 

Who is this is for?

This lab is primarily for mamas who have given so much to their children and families that they have lost a bit of themselves along the way. A virtual room of your own, but in the form of a self-
ethnographic book/journal.

I was inspired to do this project when I did something similar with my children this fall. Over the weeks that I helped them compile books all about themselves (with lists of favorites, recording of life stories, timelines, maps and charts and more), I kept thinking of how the format could be an amazing space for self growth and exploration for women. So, I took notes, adapted and added adult themes to the project and this lab was born.

By recording the details of our lives, both big and small, through word and image, we recover our lost selves and reconstruct stronger versions of the women we want to be. 

You might be looking for the forgotten you, the submerged self, a younger or different you than who you confront in the mirror each morning. This course is to help you uncover her, find her and also redefine her. Because chances are, she has been deep in the muck so long, she might have evolved into something a little different. 

How does this work? 

Each day, for 30 days you will receive an email lab from me. Each lab contains a short essay, a meaty journal prompt, a creative invitation and additional resources to 

help you on your journey.

I will not lie, it is a lot. So much, that you would be hard pressed to complete every aspect of the lab each day. You should be able to read the lab, do the writing and plan a day (soon) when you can do the creative project (they are not terribly difficult or time consuming, but can become absorbing). We will also have a secret Facebook group where I will be at daily and you are invited to participate in. The creative projects are for the most part simple and inexpensive, yet novel and meant to disrupt your (and my) default thinking. I hope they will inspire you to look deeper, think weirder, and explore your life in a creative way. If you took the family e-lab, the format is similar but the topics and projects are completely new and geared towards you. Of course, I am sure they will have a positive impact on your family but they are meant solely for you.As a full time, homeschooling mom, I have found online courses to be of great benefit to me. As a lifelong student, I am personally enriched and a much better parent when I am engaging my mind and creative spirit. My e-labs are the type of courses I had been searching for and could not find. So, I created them and learn next to the participants in each lab.

What supplies might I need? 

When the course is closer, you will recieve a welcome letter and a more detailed list of supply ideas. Basically, you will need a journal or notebook with paper, pencil or pen, camera and printing capabilities, an internet connection and generic art supplies. You should not really need to buy anything specific for this course.

AND at the end of the course - you will receive in the mail a merit badge! The merit badge is designed just for this course (it is different than the merit badge that the Family Lab participants receive) and is exactly like a scout merit badge but much cooler because it was made for YOU!


DIY: Make Your Own Saddle Shoes

Inspired by a post from a Beautiful Mess (no relation to this little blog unfortunately) I decided today to paint a cheap pair of saddle shoes that I've been itching to redecorate for some time.  The tutorial is quite simple:  Simply apply 2-3 coats of an acrylic paint to the desired part of the shoe.  I think I may use a sealant to complete the project and longevity of wear.  Hope you enjoy and hope you see these on my toes very soon!

 (source of photos found here)


500 Days of Winter DATE NIGHT and CHOOSE MY OUTFIT!!

The Papa organized a date night tomorrow.  We will be dropping off the hesitant Babes with the G-Units (grandparents) to head to a vegan restaurant.  You cannot understand how excited I am.  Firstly, I hate secrets and love spoilers.  But the Papa kept it a secret for all of 10 minutes.  He then spoiled it in every good way.  I appreciated him setting this up and knowing that it was coming at the end of the week has really made the week go quicker.

I am secretly hoping that we will end up at IKEA.  Mostly I desire a special carpet but mostly I am hoping to fulfill my desire to re-inact a scene from 500 Days of Summer.   Although these days it seems like 500 Days of Winter.

I am also asking my followers to CHOOSE my DATE NIGHT wear.  Below are 3 choices.  The look with the most wins will be worn on my date.  Please COMMENT below.

We LEAVE For the City at 1PM so please have your votes in by tomorrow morning!


TUTORIAL: Home Remedy for Getting Pee Out of Mattress

Having three co-sleeping Babes who at times remove their training pants after getting into our new bed, has left some stains.  We thought that the waterproof cover we purchased from IKEA would have prevented messes.  However, I guess when you dry the cover on high, it partially loses its efficiency and lets some get through.  It was really upsetting to know that, yet another mattress would be ruined, especially after our great attempts to prevent them from happening this time.

So the Papa and I scoured the internet for a cheap but totally effective solution...and we found it!  It is so simple and you probably already have all the ingredients in your home.  Plus it literally is a time saver, considering you don't have to go out and rent a carpet cleaner, like we had been doing.

Ingredients for the Best Solution Ever:

1 cup of hydrogen peroxide
3-4 tablespoons of baking soda
little drop of dish detergent
spray bottle

Simply combine all ingredients in the bottle (I used a homemade makeshift funnel to insert the baking soda) shake and spray directly onto the stains.  The solution is only effective for 20 minutes so work fast.  Let sit and watch the magic happen.  It literally disappears before your eyes.  After the solution dries there may exist some baking soda residue that can be easily brushed or vacuumed off.

Voila!  A Mama's mattress saver


The Mama

(we found the instructions for this solution on the Inspired Housewife's blog)

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