{debbie travis heirloom ornaments}

Today's Christmas Decoration is simply easy, as usual. What can I say...it is what I like.
I grew up watching Debbie Travis. She is a Canadian interior designing icon. I couldn't help but buy her affordable ornaments and ribbon to use for this wreath.


* floral wooden base
* christmas ornament
* tulle
* ribbon
* sparkles
* white glue
* paint brush
* glue gun


1. coat the floral wooden base with white glue and sprinkle the sparkles on.
2. Let dry for about 5-12 hours.
3. glue gun the christmas ornament down. i am a stickler for symmetrical, but you can place yours any which way and use more than one ornament.
4. glue gun the tulle to the top back of the wooden frame and wrap until you get back where you started.
5. may need to apply glue to clean up the look.
6. tie a simple bow at the top of the the wreath.
7. Hang and pretend you are Martha Stewart.

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