Today I am not feeling my most jolly.  I am mainly cold in my bones, wanting to vomit and have difficulty closing my fist for some reason.  A little dizziness accompanies it.  So after I get some groceries done and accompanying everyone to the library because I desperately need to return some overdue books, I will be heading back to bed.  I am also determined to get better because last year, because of an illness I had to cancel the Littlest Babes birthday party.

  On to the tat...On Saturday I met with Jimmy Gobeil, tattoo artist and friend, to have him sketch the above and tattoo me.  The entire process took all of 30 minutes.  It is funny how you forget the pain (minimal) but how instantly it all comes flowing back.

  The tattoo quote is something that the Eldest Babe started saying to me.  It was the misinterpretation of me saying something similar, but it stuck and we say it to each other all the time.  She whispers it in my ear as she's falling asleep.  She often says it just because.

  I never want to represent any living person on my body with a portrait but rather in words and concepts.  That way it seems more personal for me.

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