This week's TAT.TUES. is brought to you by my fave:  THE PAPA!  Not only is he the rock in this fam but his tats are stellar and my inspiration for one day getting a chest tattoo.  It is an anatomically correct heart tattoo with exposed bones, heart and muscle (it came 2nd place in a tat competition).  So without any further adieu:  

Vol. II. The papa 

name:  The Papa

occupation:  restoration mason, ex-bike messenger, ex-medic in Canadian Reserves

age of first tat and describe experience: 19, wondering 'should I have put that numbing stuff on for this?'

fave tat: Guts on chest

how many tats in total & description of each (including location and style): Six in all: "delight in our youth" from a Pearl Jam song, a wing and cog, a tree at night, some water splashing... all on my lower left leg.  On my chest, a heart with bones and muscle, more or less out of a medical textbook.  On my left forearm, a little something from my years in the Mallets of Mayhem hardcourt bike polo league.

do you plan on getting more? and what are you thinking? You bet.  Since I've moved on from being a messenger, I'd like to get something related to stone masonry.  One spooky idea is to have an artist draw a scene from the Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe.  I had to look that up, but I recalled the story of the guy getting walled up in the cellar, and I remember being creeped out by it.

have your tats played a role in life events, experiences (wedding, love, hobbies), the day to day:  Not really.  

do tattoos and the culture affect your relationships, hobbies, inspiration? I somehow don't really feel like an active member of the tattoo culture, but I think it can take a little while for stereotypes to dissolve when I meet people around Perth.  

what is the thought process behind your tats?: I don't think too hard about them.  They're fun and can represent something about me but I don't take them too seriously.  Maybe that outlook will keep me from regretting them when I'm old.

any funny or crazy experiences: I got my chest tattoo outlined on Christmas Eve, then went to my Mom and Dad's house for supper.  The dressings were rustling a lot and I was bleeding down into my pants.  It was really uncomfortable but I didn't want to tell Mom about my huge new tattoo, on Christmas Eve of all times.  Besides, it didn't look like much at that stage.  Poor Mom.

advice for anyone wanting a tat?: Go straight for the face.

if you could get the tattoo of any person's portrait on you (living, dead, celebrity), who would it be?
easy peasy: Johnny Cash.

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