12 Dates Of 2012: Date 1

This weekend our first date of 2012 occurred (see 12 Dates of 2012 post).  It was so satisfying to know that we have made this commitment to each other for a year.  Regardless of how busy our lives might get and the demands of the Babes, we will get 12 designated times to reconnect.

Our first date was chosen by Allen:  a movie at the good ol' Mayfair - the theatre where we got married.  Pretty romantic.  For a week we scoured the Mayfair schedule to decide on a filme.  But settled on one that was happening the same day that I was getting my fourth tattoo (checkmark "get a tattoo" off my 29 before 30 list).

We settled on DragonSlayer, a skateboarding documentary that we thought, based on the trailer, which you can view in this post, was going to centre on living against the government's prescribed way of living.  Wasn't like it at all.

But anyways, to start with the date.  I completed my tat in less than 15 minutes.  Rather than call him to head back downtown to pick me up after he had just left me, I headed over to the downtown mall to check out some shops, browse a book store and pick up a birthday gift for Littlest Babe.  The Papa picked me up about an hour later to go to our fave restaurant - So Good - it's so good!  We indulged in Pepper Salt Tofu, General Tao Tofu, Malaysian Fried Rice and Flat Noodles in Spicy So Good Sauce. This restaurant also holds a little special place in our hearts because it is where we went on our first date ever.

With two hours before the movie began, we went for coffee, well Green Tea and a Soy Chai Latte, at Bridgehead.  It was here that I revealed the tat and we discussed all the other tattoos that we were going to get.  Our concepts were endless.  Our muscles clenched and winter gear on, we headed into the -20 degree weather (possibly - 40 with the windchill) to the Theatre.  It was so cozy.  A Movie-sized firelog was on the big screen of the heavenly warmed theatre.  We sat in the comfy couches...the couches where we sat to watch Abbott & Costello at our wedding.

It was perfect, relaxing and so nice to just enjoy an evening so simple.  When the movie ended, we headed to the G-Unit house to tell of our date and listen to tales about our Babes.  It was magical.

To the next date....

xoxox  The Mama

P.S. Tattoo to be revealed tomorrow.

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