Blogger Gift Exchange!

 This year I decided to participate in a 2012 Blogger Gift Exchange.  Now I have done this before with sad results.  I participated in a cookie exchange online.  After spending a whopping amount of time and money for shipping, I received no package in return.  Just a sad email saying "oh, I thought I sent it but forgot" two months after the fact.  So with hesitation, I signed on for a 2012 New Year gift exchange and was partnered with Stephanie Caruso, new blogger, at Pop Goes my Culture.

Although, we have never met face to face, I can honestly say that I would really like this girl.  She is in to fashion, videography, blogging and pop culture - all things I adore!  Her blog is so catchy visually.  I love it.  Right now, she is a documentary filmmaker working on her M.F.A. in Documentary Studies and Production in New York.  Makes me wonder what the heck I've been doing all my life!  Ha!

So onto the gift exchange...

So by email we were paired randomly.  The goal was to get to know each other and then find a gift for the blogger.  I sent her a handmade lace necklace.  It was from my line.  I figured that working on a Masters and having a love for fashion that maybe she would enjoy something special for herself.  You can find her post of my exchange here.

As for me, Stephanie hit the nail on the head.  Recognizing my love of mustaches...she sent me these cute little mustache straw clips.  They are going to be endless party fun!

So Thanks Stephanie!


  1. So funny! The Mustaches are hilarious :D I am stopping by from the party - new follower!

  2. Love those mustache straws!! I'm glad this exchange was a success! We're loving finding new blogs & showing support to our fellow bloggers.

    Stop by our blog to see what we received from our swap partner!

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  3. Love those straws!!! Thanks for the laughs. :)
    Happy new year!


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