Lately I have been extremely happy.  I attribute this to several things:

1.  Finding my winter rhythm with the girls.
2.  Using the blog as a means to work out that which is in my head.  By incorporating more of the Mama into the Mess blog it has really done wonders to adding a sort of cohesion that I felt didn't really exist.
3.  Exercising & deciding to eat properly.  As a young girl, my days were spent running, biking & playing.  Hitting the gym not only brings back happy memories but it triggers endorphins.  I feel blissful.  When I feel fit, I am mentally fit.  The Papa knows very well about this and part of our budget is allocated to me for physical activity.
4.  Deciding to "art my heart out".
5.  No longer trying to be what I am not & lying to myself.  I am a Mama who dreams of teaching her children, incorporating homeschooling and having a freethinking household.  As a family, our strength lies in our connection to each other, our shared experience and support.  Our family is first and foremost.  We are homebodies which translates into the fact that our home is our haven and heaven.  I would much rather be with the Papa and Babes, extended family and those amazing friends.

I have a small group of friends, a bestie who rocks my world (Alyssa) and there are several people that I have found in my life whom I want to really reach out to and became amazing friends with because I think they are truly amazing (most notably Sarah, Christine, Steph, Rachelle, Laura, Naomi, Miche).  Not that this Mama would ever close the door to new relationships but I truly want to make an effort an harness true and long lasting friendships.

I am an artist in a different sense.  Graphite for portraiture is my friend.  Poetry and writing only from my heart is my hobby.  Etsy is my inspiration for Eco-crafting.

I want to change the world but I am the shy quiet voice who would much rather live the example I would love to be.

I am a self-starter who thrives on doing things on my own time.


That being said....This year i must live with more intention....Do that which I have been saying for a decade

Writing down my list of 29 to 30 was a start but those things that I truly wanted to do but never came to fruition are slowly slipping away.  Completely:  FAULT OF MY OWN.  The blog has helped me to work through the STUCK feeling that sometimes overwhelms but it also contributes to that same STUCK feeling.

I get lost in the inspiration which never transforms into doing.  This year I want to live with intention in all things that I do.  I must write a more DIRECT LIST of RESOLVE (I will post this for all our followers to see so as to give me the boost that I need).

But for this moment I am using the words of others to aid in the transition.  One that will lead me to live & learn & share, rather than view & think & sit.

The first post was by Noah Scalin who wrote UNSTUCK, and recently contributed to ETSY'S blog.
He writes on the etsy post:

  1. Let Go of Preciousness. One of the biggest creative stumbling blocks is our need to get things right. Believe me, I’m a perfectionist myself, so I know how hard it is to let that go. The reality is that treating your creations as precious little things to protect keeps you from the world of possibilities the comes from trying new things out, making mistakes, and getting things wrong.
  1. Freedom Comes From Limitations. If someone were to give me an infinite amount of time and an unlimited budget to create something, I would be frozen. It’s only from narrowing down the options that creativity becomes possible, as you are forced to push against the walls that close you in.
  1. Get Out of Your Environment. No matter how inspiring your workspace, there’s only so much creative work that can be done within it. Of course, if you’re in a place that’s not so inspiring to begin with, the need to be elsewhere is even more urgent. Since most people spend the majority of their time inside, they’re missing out on the much wider world right outside their door.
  1. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone. At some point in your life, you’ve probably been told not to make a fool of yourself, but the fact is that it’s one of the most effective ways to get creative inspiration! Fear of rejection and fear of embarrassment: these are the recurring enemies of creativity.
  1. Get Things by Giving Them Away. It may sound counterintuitive, but you get a lot from giving things away. If I had kept my own project under wraps, rather than sharing it as I went along, I probably would have had a fraction of the positive experiences. The more I gave away, the more people gave back to me.
  1. Collaborate. There’s no substitute for the benefits you receive when working creatively with other people. Some of the best things that came out of my own project were the friendships that blossomed from incorporating other people into my work. You get results that are exponentially greater when you don’t work alone."

I must begin this amazing journey of rediscovery and whole experience.  JUST DO.

ANOTHER POST OF RESOLVE IS by AFTER NINE TO FIVE.  She is an exceptional woman who runs another website called RevolutionizeHer which is geared towards giving motivation to self-starting women.  She writes:


  • Not forcing a post when I may not feel that life isn’t worth writing about
  • Not holding myself back from being honest despite it not always being the popular thing to say, or do
  • Opening old wounds that haven’t had a chance to heal because I closed the door to that part of my soul
  • Sharing my passions with you
  • Ignoring my emails for a few hours, or a day, to make sure I have time to use my creativity every. single. day
  • Live my life the way I want to so I guarantee I have something to blog about – something truly worth sharing
  • Spend more time away from the Internet and my computer so I can do the task above
  • Make sure my blog is a place the inspires myself, and others, to follow their dreams and more importantly, their heart
  • Share all of my hopes, dreams, goals, aspirations, etc in this blog so I know I’m staying true to myself
  • Share the goofy, quirky, odd, and weird moments of my life that only my husband generally sees
It all sounds so. . . simple. It’s just a matter of leaping over the hurdle to make sure that it gets done."
I must blog for me and live life to have something to blog about.  Let the living happen first and blogging later.
Although this year I made no resolutions, I have decided to will myself into doing which will lead to experience and enrichment...please stay tuned to follow my journey of being the best Mama & wife to the Papa ever.

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  1. I really enjoyed this post! - we are all connected - at Kirtan the other night, one of the few english chants really resonnated with me, I'll try to type it the way we sang it:
    "I will be gentle with my self,
    I will loove my-self
    I am a chiiiiiiild of the Univerrrse being borrrrn each moment" add some tablas n' shakers and it was darn catchy - & very powerful - reminding me that we are always growing&changing - I often catch myself fantasizing about this "plateau" or 'ideal self' ..does it really exist?


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