12 DATES OF 2012

2011 was a difficult year to find time to go on dates.  The Babes were younger and required a lot of me.  One was still nursing.  The Papa had begun school and his evenings were preoccupied.  Not to mention we moved a way from the big city and our family.  This year I resolved to set dates and make it happen.  Spending time with the Papa is so important to me because he is my best friend & when I don't hang with him we both get down.

Hence, the 12 Dates of 2012.  Inspired by Naomi from Rockstar Diaries & posted by Elsie from A Beautiful Mess we will choose a date every month.  Having two young babes, it is near impossible to get 12 consecutive in one month.  The concept is to:

1.  write down a date for every month.  we labeled them 1 to 12 but by month is just as well.  The Papa chose all the odd numbers, I chose all the even.  It was our special way to surprise one another.
2.  close pin the dates to a twine and keep it in a place that is visible.
3.  write the rules and hang them above / near the twine
4.  pick the date and prepare to fall in love again

We picked our first date of the year at MIDNIGHT!  What a way to start the year.  The Papa wrote for us to watch a film at the Mayfair Theatre:  where we became married!

This year has begun amazingly!!!

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