Keep Calm, Zombie On Poster - Contest Reminder

Just a reminder that the contest to win a KEEP CALM, ZOMBIE ON poster is quickly coming to an end.  You have until February 12th to enter.  In honour of all things that the Papa and I love, I am hosting a NEW YEAR, NEW (ZOMBIE) LOVE CONTEST.  The winner will win a poster from LovelyMPLS.  The poster is a take on the KEEP CALM series but is so much better with actual bullet holes and reference to zombies. 

To win you must:

1.  Follow this blog.  Do this by visiting bloglovin and searching themessinmessenger and then following.  The link on the side of the blog will take you there as well.  email if you are having probs.

2.  Comment on this post (if you commented on the initial post...don't worry I will still include you) about your fave zombie flick...or show...i'll give it to you
3.  You can put extra posts for liking themess on facebook OR getting a friend to follow the blog

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