WELLNESS JOURNEY: Thoughts on Turning 30 and Cleanse

For some it is a dreaded number.  Maybe it is because thirty is halfway between what is considered young adult of 20 and "I've arrived" forty.  Maybe it is because holding off on things like marriage, children, travelling becomes more prominently embedded as a societal failure at this age.  Maybe there is some comparison between other 30 year olds.  Whatever your maybe may be, I really don't have one.  I decided long ago to embrace every year as it comes.  I actually look forward to getting older.  With age comes experience and wisdom.  There also comes a greater understanding of yourself, or so I hope.
My body will change and I've accepted that.  No longer am I susceptible to photoshop entertainers and the magazines that feature them.  I find it laughable.

Now, don't get me wrong.  There are days when I may look at myself and wish for some changes.  My nose for a long time reminded me of something really painful and I wanted to change it surgically for years.  But then I affirmed that my nose is a part of my story and my character.  My hands are more creased than before, but the creases are from exposing them to dirt and nature, which I embrace now.  My hips are wider from birthing my babes.  This pregnancy I acquired some stretch marks on my hips and at first I regarded them as anything but beauty.  But then I noticed how they look almost like little flower stems, so fitting for what we decided to name our Littlest of Babes - Violet.

I look back on the past three decades of my life with many emotions.  There is a past that I still need to fully mentally explore (as I will with the upcoming Cleanse I plan to do).  I received dreadful phone calls over the past few days that forced me to go to that place.  There was a childhood that was lost, that I try each day to explore and re-examine childhood with my Babes.  My adulthood was full of new beginnings, true love and happiness but a questioning and lack of confidence because of said past.

Lately people in my life have been taking leaps of faith that have been oh-so-inspiring.  I too want to take those leaps of faith and pursue all the things that I have thought and vocalized.  If anything, 30 reminds me to "be the change you want to see" in the world.  

On Monday of next week I will begin my mental and physical cleanse (for those who may be worried - I will be eating lots!!!) and the issues I plan on exploring include:

DAY 3:  Friendships (Past, Present, Future, Effects)
DAY 4:  My Personal Identity
DAY 5:  My Relationships with the Babes
DAY 6:  My Relationship with the Papa

I definitely am looking forward to exploring the mental aspects of myself that I have ignored for so long.  I am coupling the mental cleanse with a physical cleanse for I feel that sugar and fried foods may block thoughts and I need to revert back to a base for my body to rejuvenate.


The Mama

(There are a few things that I feel should be established though at 30:  MY FAVE FOOD, MY BEAUTY REGIME, AN UNDERSTANDING OF HOW MY BODY FUNCTIONS, MY FAVE SEASON, MY FAVE THINGS, MY STYLE)


  1. Your introspection, as always, is so inspiring. Enjoy your 7 day mental journey and exploration. From the outside looking in I see you as a woman who has made many leaps of faith and who you are is a representation of those risks. Thanks for the beautiful read.

  2. Thank you Terri. It is so hard to really get any introspection these days with three little ones, but I am hoping this cleanse will bring a lot about myself to the forefront. You are sweet and I see you as an inspiration as well

  3. This is exciting! I'll be here following your journey and sending you the most supportive vibes ever xoxo

    1. You are the sweetest and any offerings or affirmations you can send my way would be oh so helpful and welcomed. btw...i will be posting only in the evenings after no internet or technology throughout the day.

  4. I've never really understood why people spaz about getting older. I mean, consider the alternative. Good for you for accepting the wonderful beauty of aging.

  5. Hollie you are so sweet! Thanks for paying attention to my little blog. It means a lot

  6. I hope 30 is the best year yet! I am getting close myself....and it is certainly an odd feeling. Sometimes I still feel like a kid. You are beautiful!

    1. Thanks so much Kelli. I am hoping it is my best yet. There is an amazing I have. I definitely want a lot to happen this year with regards to personal growth. We are still kids at heart and need to hold onto that. You are beautiful too, in spirit, love and style!

      xoxox Crystal


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