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I am not one to spend money foolishly.  We have been pretty good with our money, which often leaves many bewildered as how we can afford our lifestyle, the one where I am a stay-at-home Mama of three Babes.  We do without a lot.  We make a lot of our own food, we get almost everything used or from Consignment shops.  We acquire library books instead of purchasing them.  At birthdays and celebrations, we celebrate with each other instead of mountains of gifts. We don't have cable or crazy cellphones.  We had to miss out on a family trip because we just didn't have the moola.  Our hardest decision to date.

It is also easy in some ways in that the restrictions leave us creative, enjoying it each other's company and our children aren't possessed with a desire to want, want, want because we don't give, give, give and only get what we need, need, need.

So, after having been denied a mortgage lending amount that we desired, we made a new decision (that we are keeping to ourselves - sorry, I don't like secrets but for this one you'll have to wait and see) and another decision to splurge on some items.  Firstly, for 5 years we have been sleeping on a mattress on the floor.  I love the height but not the size and I'm kind of over sleeping like a college student.  When we bed-shared with the girls, it was the perfect height.  But now, a queen can't just accommodate all of us.  This past weekend we went to the local furniture store, purchased the KING!!, and then we ordered a Rustic Inspired King Bed Frame that will be made for late March.

Further purchases of mine included:

 A Moon Calendar

An apothecary Course to learn how to heal my family and community naturally

My friend Kelli's print

Sweaters to Nurse easily from

Must admit that I am a sucker for the Sally Anne and I left today with:

two over-sized sweaters (one with reindeer :), ceramic Santa's Workshop to paint with Sparkles, Wooden Jewellery box for the Babes to put treasures in, a toddler sized hand knit sweater, a mint blanket and pillow for littlest Babe, pink yarn and a heart dress for Eldest Babe

xoxo The Mama

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