WELLNESS JOURNEY: Thoughts on Physicality and Defeat

Many things have been entering my mind lately, but mostly discouragement dominates them.  Stomach issues have been plaguing me for over a decade.  It seems as though the issues began with the realization that my upbringing was far from normal and that I could not physically leave the situation (my early teens).  There was a huge amount of stress placed on me and I am sure that affected my irritability and digestion.  When stressed, anxious or depressed,  my stomach is in pain.  It has been so frustrating to go through numerous cleanses and food restrictions to determine the culprit.  And as a lover of food, I have had to say no or just indulge because I know the end result anyway and I would rather have fun.

For several years in university I followed a macrobiotic diet and it was so invigorating.  I felt my healthiest.  Problem is it requires a lot of self-discipline, which when you have three children and limited time, fails you.

Since having the Littlest of Babes, I have attempted to find that balance but again my digestion fails me.    I have started once again working out at the gym but because I constantly have knots in my belly, my workouts are difficult and leave me defeated.  Being physically fit is so important to my life and the Papa's for being physical puts so many happy feelings in me that it benefits all aspects of our life.  I have always been really active (that has waned a lot since having the girls due to me WANTING to spend time with the family rather than jog).  Not being able to flex, lift and run as I used to is just difficult to come to terms with.

Hence, I am going to do several things

  • Pay more close attention to eating certain foods and how they affect me
  • Eat more closely to my dosha and follow a more Vatta-pacifying regime that excludes my drug of choice:  COFFEE
  • Stay away from dairy
  • Eat more whole and try a low FODMAP diet
Reading Perfect Health by Deepak Chopra has been so enlightening and I truly believe the mind-body connection plays a huge role in my physical health.  Wellness journey continues...


The Mama

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