Magical Mamas

When one becomes a Mama, there seems to be a nervousness.  Will I connect with other Mamas?  Are there Mamas who share the same views as I?  If a Mama clique exists, will I be welcomed?  For me all these questions existed.  At first I was very hesitant to engage with other Mamas.  I was young and, maybe paranoid, but I felt as though the older moms in the neighbourhood weren't open to me and passing judgments.  It was beneficial however, because the Eldest Babe and I developed a strong connection and a rhythm to our lives that was unaffected by others.  It was us against the world.

Soon we discovered we were expecting our Biggest Little / Littlest Big Babe and with her arrival and move to a new city, I desperately tried to make connections with other Mamas, to no avail.  To make matters difficult, there was a language and cultural barrier:  I didn't speak French and, at least in our neighbourhood, most of the parents sent their babes and toddlers to daycare, which meant no Stay at Home Mamas....until my first Magical Mama.

Maybe we were lone rangers, the English and Earthy Stay at Home Mama with nature and protection surrounding our hearts, but our eyes met bringing together our inner selves and we connected.  There was an understanding, a deep love and connection.  We spent our days laughing and frolicking in the Parks and just wanting to be each other.  Then, due to financial reasons and a change of careers, we left and parted ways.  She too, several months later, left our meeting place to follow her heart and dwell in the mountains and frolic with her fairy daughters (Hayles - I love you!).

For months after we moved I felt disjointed.  This was the first Magical Mama I encountered.  Could it be the only?  Months seemed to drag on in our small town.  I found myself going to playgroups, not necessarily for my Babes, but to find a connection.  Desperation overcame me.  I am naturally an inclusive person and smile and try to be positive with everyone.  And although most were pleasant with me, the majority were exclusive.  Grandiose efforts were not reciprocated.

But, as if by design, Magical Mamas, at a time when I felt the most disconnected from my life, arrived.  For those of you who have yet to be blessed by such wonder, let me describe:

selfless fairies who are strong in their convictions, permeate a beauty like no other, a beauty that they may even be blind too.  They hug with such love and are beings that your own children gravitate to and light up upon seeing.  You feel like just by being in their presence and having them in your life, you are just by default, a better person.  And you feel, ultimately, that they embrace you!  You see

I only hope that Mamas, new and old, have the presence of such beings in their lives.  Today I had the honour of hosting my two-town Magical Mamas (my M & Ms).  They came to my Mess.  Their presence is just enough, but they had made me soup, brought bisquits, lovely children, held my Littlest of Babes and crocheted me a cowl.  They mean so much to me and are amazing.

So to the Magical Mamas in my life:  Sisters, M & Ms, Hayles, Terri, Tonya, Trish and distant Mama Kelli

Thank you for your acceptance and presence.


The Mama

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  1. Awwwwwwwwwww. It is such an honour to be amoung your Magical Momma's....just wish we were closer!

  2. Miriam Keyes10:20:00 AM

    I love you too, Mama!!


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