L'Echange des Soeurs

A couple of months ago I proposed a simple box exchange with one of my friends, Christine.  She has been pivotal in inspiring me to pursue all that calls to me.  She is amazing in every way.  Her beauty astounds.  Ethereal and a little fairy princess of light.  And after our meeting, which I described several posts ago, I adore her even more (Didn't think it was possible).

The exchange is simple and inspired by this post from Rebekka Seale:  to create a personalized package for a friend, a sister, with a journal of notes to send back and forth, to inspire, to share your thoughts.  I thought what better way to share something with someone who I adore so much.

Our first exchange was not via mail but a sit down where we exchanged the boxes as gifts for Christmas.  We both decided to go off with our boxes in tow and open them at will, when a moment allowed us to sit and fully immerse ourselves in the letters, positivity and love.  My moment, came today, three weeks later.

The box is beautifully decorated (my side is to be completed - my part will complete the whole and Christine's part is the half which is her offering to be of symbolic support).  Inside this precious lady filled it with words of positivity, which I plan on putting in a journal of inspiration to later be passed down to my Babes, but in the mean time will inspire me on my journey.  There was a very interesting charm that was an inside reference to the Rocky Horror Picture Show - the film that plays on the night of our Wedding in the Theatre we married at - how clever, sweet and personal.  Her love of vintage books is so evident and her collection must be smaller now that I received copies of Vintage People's starring the Princess of the People and my love, Diana.  This will go with my plethora of royal things.  Feathers now hang on my inspiration board above my desk and her letter will forever warm my thoughts and heart.  I share this quote from the letter, an otherwise personal and private sharing between the two of us because it describes so well the intent of l'echange des soeurs (I hope she doesn't mind):

"This journal can be WHATEVER we want it to be; it is our safe haven of sharing, inspiring, appreciating"

So to my Christine:

xoxox  The Mama

I would love to hear from my followers about L'Echange Des Soeurs thoughts or inspirations.  Please feel free to try this idea.  Explore and open your heart to another that is willing to fully accept.  L'Echange harbours no judgments or pretense.  It is a box full of love and dedication to supporting another person.  

Please feel free to comment on this post.  I would love to hear from you!
And my soeur, Christine, writes for Verve Evolving blog.  She is a great friend and blissed out babe on a journey like us all.  I admire her deeply.


  1. Crystal!!!! You are amazing!!!! I LOVE that we are doing this and I can't wait to see how you decorate your half ;) LoveLoveLove

  2. What a wonderfully inspiring and supportive thing to do. Love this idea!


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