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Working on decluttering my mind must start with decluttering my sacred environment and home.  It is my intention to concentrate on that which matters most in my life:  living, loving, laughing, learning and my Babes.   This is SHOP MY CLOSET.  EACH WEEK I will post items that I wish to be rid of.  I love them but I just have no room for them in this new life I am creating.  The dollar amounts are proposed, I am open to exchanges or offers.

How to offer:

1.  First one to email me at bad-little-spice (at) hotmail (dot) com or add me as a facebook friend (Crystal Cynthia Anne Grier) will get the first opportunity to straight out tell me they want it.  Could be negotiations or I'll just say yes.
2.  If a payment is involved, I will send you a statement from Paypal or you send me a cheque to cover cost of shipping (Note:  if you live in Ottawa or surrounding area, let's arrange to meet, have coffee and do the exchange - whatever that may be, NOTE;  if you live in the States I won't charge more than $10 shipping)
3.  I really love all my followers!!!  Really!!! and I plan on having a contest in the future, near future.  So please add me to Google and follow on Bloglovin'

xoxox  The Mama


  1. New follower! Looking forward to following along! I can already tell I'm going to love this blog.... Veganocity..DIY...Babes!!!


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