Dear Biggest Little / Littlest Big Babe on Your Birthday

Dear Babe,

Yesterday, you completed your third revolution around our brightest star, one that you shine as strongly as.  The Papa and I remember fondly the day you entered this world.  It was my quickest birth, one riddled with a lack of confidence and worry.  But when you came, a resurgence in Mamahood came.  You were tiny, fragile.  It was my duty to build you, to strengthen you.

And my how you have emerged.  From such humble and delicate beginnings, you are now such a force to be reckoned with.  Eyes always bright, your days are filled with exploration and imaginings.  Your heart is bursting with kindness for the world, your sisters, your family.  There is an exuberance that can be matched only with the Papa and a zest for life that is innate and for ever wanting to be fulfilled.

You are witty.  Clever words dominate our days.  Wordplay.  Reference to yourself in the third person as "the Ballerina" is delightfully enchanting and apt.  You take in rhythm and express it beautifully with your moves.  We have never seen anything like it.  Magical.

Here is to a lifetime of magic.  Please continue on your journey of loving, laughing and enlighting our lives.

To you on your birth day.


The Mama

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